The Phy Life- A tutorial on cleansing

A Tutorial on Cleansing

Hygiene is the need of the hour. The key to good health and good grooming is cleansing. While there are no two ways to washing your face, body or h...

The Phy Life- 101 Guide to Body Mist

Your 101 Guide to Body Mists

What is a body mist? A body mist is a light and less concentrated version of a perfume. It imparts a mild, soft fragrance that lingers on without ...

The Phy Life- Acne Woes…Resolved!

Acne Woes…Resolved!

Acne breakouts are common among men – especially during the adolescence years. Often though, perpetually oily skin results in acne breakouts even a...

The Phy Life- Dandruff Fixes for Men

Dandruff Fixes for Men

Dandruff is a pesky problem that bothers a lot of men, often as a constantly unwanted companion. Black clothes, snow white flakes, complete turn-of...

The Phy Life- Moisturizing is a must!

Moisturizing is a must!

Men, you’re never too young or too old to start moisturizing. A lot of you probably think moisturizers are not for you and all you need is a shower...