Breaking into a sweat for healthy skin


It’s not really new information that working out is beneficial for your mind and body. Your fitness levels, your zeal to break into a sweat even after a hectic day at work can show results in ways you’d never imagined. No, we’re not talking about dropping the quarantine carbs and letting your abs do all the talking! We’re talking about putting your best face forward on those impromptu zoom calls – all stemming from an active lifestyle.

How? Let’s start with the basics of exercise for glowing skin.

Improve the elasticity of your skin

Simply put, working out can tone your muscles and make your skin firmer. Naturally, your skin stops sagging and fights symptoms of early aging.

Increased blood flow

When you exercise, your heart rate increases, improving overall blood circulation to parts of your body. This delivers oxygen and nutrients and promotes the production of collagen which helps your skin cells repair and renew themselves.


Is sweating good for skin? Yes, of course! And let’s admit it - there are those of us who enjoy that sweaty feeling. Even if you’re among those who don’t, sweat does wonders for your skin. It unclogs your pores, making your skin less prone to a case of acne breakout. It also flushes harmful toxins including bacteria, dirt and excess oils. Sweat it out for real and put those deos and body mists to good use.

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That unparalleled post-workout glow

An hour on the treadmill, a jog, some yoga or lifting weights – no matter what gives you a kick, there are enough reasons to believe in the ‘post-workout glow’. This essentially is a fresh, dewy appearance from all the blood flow and the release of endorphins after a workout session. 

If we’ve now managed to finally get you off your butt to head for a workout that you’ve been pushing out for way too long, make sure to follow the following do’s and don’ts while you’re sweating it out with an exercise for clear skin.

Refrain from wearing tight clothes while working out. Let your skin breathe.

If you like working out outdoors, make sure to get a generous dose of sunscreen that acts as a shield cream for your skin.

- If the gym is your jam, do not touch your face frequently. Workout equipment can have a lot of bacteria accumulation which if in contact with your skin can lead to breakouts.

- Don’t skip the post-gym cleanse, be it your face or body. Use a sulphate-free facewash for men and bodywash to get rid of the sweat and dirt from your skin.

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Here are a few products that you can bank on to be your workout partners.

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