Debunking crazy skin care myths for men

“You know what? Ketchup is good for you! It exfoliates the skin…”

Umm WHAT? Hold my beer! That’s a big NO. Let’s save the ketchup for our French Fries lest they feel incomplete. Applying stuff from your plate to your face is like believing pedicures are only for women. A big myth!

On that note, if you’re one of the people who lazily use soap on their hair, a toothpaste on a pimple, or have never applied a cream because you think your skin doesn’t need it, sit up and read on because we are debunking some of the craziest skin care myths for men and sharing useful skin care tips.

Myth 1: One-size-fits-all

Fact: Don’t go rub that slushy bar of soap on your face just because it does the job. Just how different people have different needs based on their gender, skin type, preferences, etc., your skin and body have different needs. While you can use soap on your body, the skin on your face is delicate and soaps can be harsh on them. Similarly, it is okay to sneakily, or not, pump out some moisturizer from your wife’s or girlfriend’s dresser, but sooner than later you need your own skin care routine. 

Myth 2: Shaving frequently will get you a bushy beard

Phy: Debunking crazy skin care myths for men-

Fact: A thick or patchy beard is a direct result of the number of hair follicles you have on your face. Shaving frequently can only make the blunt end of hair on your face appear thicker and darker, but not increase hair follicles on your face.

Myth 3: Sun’s gone and so is sunscreen

Phy: Debunking crazy skin care myths for men

Fact: Did you know your skin needs sunscreen on a cloudy day as much as a sunny one? On cloud-covered days, while you may not feel the sunburn on your skin, the UV rays of the sun can still penetrate the earth causing sun damage that includes early aging, a stubborn tan, or even skin cancer. So head out always wearing an SPF – sunny or not.

Myth 4: Oily skin care ain’t need no moisturizer

Fact: Trying to combat a shiny face with no hydration? Say hello to a shinier one. When your skin doesn’t receive the moisture it needs, it tends to secrete more sebum that can make your oily skin problems worse. Skipping the moisturizer can also lead to more and frequent breakouts, so make it an essential part of your skin care routine.

Myth 5: More the lather, deeper the cleanse

Phy: Debunking crazy skin care myths for men-

Fact: More lather does not mean your skin is squeaky clean. In fact, one of the lesser known beauty facts is that skin care products that build more lather are known to contain chemicals that harm your skin by stripping off the moisture. Go for a sulphate free cleanser – shampoo, face or body wash that is gentle on the skin and builds up just the right amount of lather required to cleanse. Essential skin care tips include using the product as directed on the label, not more or less.

Myth 6: Self-care is for women

Fact: Self-care is for women everyone. Who says men can’t get a little pampering done after sweating it out at the gym?  If you want to get a facial, go ahead. Want to invest in a good night cream? Go ahead and choose your pick. Caring for your skin, remembering to drink water, making time for hobbies, putting yourself first – or any other form of self-care knows no gender, and no age. 

At the end of it all, what matters is that you have your skin care routine and self-care game up and running (based on skin care facts and not skin care myths).

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