Like it or not - Virtual Dating is the new reality. Here’s how to ace it!

Swipe left. Left. Left again. And again. Swipe…right. Match!

You’ve got a DM. 

What next? Catching up over coffee or drinks and having a good time. Only that this now feels like a relic of the ‘normal’ past - something that’s almost unimaginable right now.

Enter virtual dating. Although it’s been around for a while now, but unlike earlier this today seems like the only way to date. Especially in a locked-in world where lives are increasingly spent behind screens. If you can work & workout out of makeshift offices & gyms in a corner of your house, why should dating be any different! And so it calls for you to level up your virtual date - with a bit of prep, some exciting ideas & being your best self, you should get the hang of it pretty quick.

So, whether you’re trying to ace that LDR while being stuck across cities or found a match on Hinge or Bumble, here’s to nailing those virtual dates and how.

Dress to impress

Phy: Dress to impress

Zoom, Skype or Facetime, you gotta put your best face forward. Even if your style is casual, let that not come across as sloppy by logging onto a date straight outta bed. Take a shower to feel and look fresh, spray on some perfume for a boost of confidence, lather on some moisturizer to hide any signs of flaky skin and tame your hair with some hair wax or hair clay. Next, pick out a fresh pair of clothes and get dressed like you’d if you were heading out of your home, maybe sans the sneakers.

Lights, camera, action

Phy: Lights, camera, action

While the lighting in your room might not be as flattering as it would be at a café or pub, a good idea is to pre decide where you’d want to set up your laptop or phone camera. You don’t want to be backlit by a window or a lamp in the background while your date is getting creeped out by your silhouette on screen. Balancing your camera to meet your eye level is another thing to note; you’ve got to maintain eye contact on a date – virtual or not!

Break the ice

Phy: Break the ice

This may be easy if you’re on a virtual date with your partner who lives in another city, however, for someone you’ve just right swiped on an app, this may be slightly tricky. Or not, if you can break the ice from the get-go! Start off with discussing their favourite music, or the kind of shows they like to watch on Netflix – if they’re waiting for the final season of Money Heist as ardently as you are, who knows you might have found your soulmate.

Gear up for some prep

Phy: Gear up for some prep

Planning dates in person was easier - you got dressed, grabbed a coffee, headed for a movie or dinner afterwards. But with screens separating lives, it’s important to figure out a bunch of virtual date ideas. Stream a movie together on Netflix Watch party, maybe cook a meal in your own kitchens while you chat or play Pictionary online – the internet can become your wingman.

Meeting someone over the screen isn’t the same as meeting them in person, however, given the times we’re in, a virtual date is the next best alternate. Plus, a meaningful conversation to strike a chord with someone doesn’t always need to happen face to face. So, get ready, and go set up that date you’ve been stalling for a while.

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