How to get rid of a tan?

While we may never be able to crack that mystery, we certainly have it all figured out if you wanted to get rid of that tan that’s been bothering you.

A suntan to your skin is precisely what a burnt toast is to your appetite. Not-so-enticing right? While you may have to make your peace sometimes with burnt bread and faulty toasters, but you can very well live without the sun tanned skin, courtesy sunscreens and a bit of awareness.  And if you’re already fretting over those tan lines, you brought back from your last trip outdoors, and wondering what to do with the tan skin colour, you are welcome to the hottest conversation starter this summer - how to get rid of a tan?

What is tanning?

Tanning is your body’s natural defence mechanism to sun damage. When exposed to the sun, your skin increases the release of melanin (the pigment responsible for darkening your skin) to absorb the UV rays and shield from sun damage. The more you are exposed to the sun, the more melanin is released, which leads to a more sun tanned skin by the minute.

Your face, neck, arms, and legs are the most prone to tanning when exposed to the sun.

How to avoid a tan?

Phy: How to avoid a tan?

How to remove tan? It’s no rocket science. Here’s how you can face the sun like a boss without the tan breathing down your neck.

-          Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 45 20-30 mins before you go out. This gives your skin enough time to absorb it and shield you from the harmful rays of the sun.

-          While heading out, ditch that half-sleeved t-shirt & shorts and go for something that covers your arms and legs. The same goes for your feet; pick shoes over open-toed sandals.

-          Wear sunscreen even on days when the sky is overcast or when you’re indoors. The UV rays of the sun are known to penetrate through a cloud cover or even through the glass windows of your bedroom.

-          Avoid going out during peak hours when the sun is directly overhead.

How to get rid of a tan?

Phy: How to get rid of a tan?

Preventing a tan is easy with a few conscious steps, but do tans go away? And what can you do if those stubborn sun tan lines are just not going away? 

-          Exfoliate- Gentle exfoliation with a scrub removes dead cells on your skin and brightens up your skin tone. Look for a scrub with licorice extracts that act as a natural skin brightening agent.

-          Cleanse- Wash your face twice a day with a facewash that has properties of lemon peel and glycolic acid that can lighten an existing tan.

-          Hydrate- While drinking water isn’t directly related to lightening tan lines, it can help hydrate your skin, flush out toxins, and even out your skin tone.

Tan lines can naturally fade away in 1-4 weeks depending on its intensity, however, do keep your skin away from sun exposure as much as you can. If you must head out, DO NOT FORGET the sunscreen.

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