Why Phy is un-fair

When we started making skin care for men, the first thing we were asked is: do you have a fairness cream for men? We still get asked this question a lot. And the answer is always the same: NO.

Here’s why Phy (first-timers: Phy rhymes with "Fly") never has, and never will, make fairness creams.

People should be the best version of themselves, and comfortable in their own skin. Why try to be someone else?
Why Phy is un-fairChanging skin tone (if the claim is true) necessarily means we are interfering chemically with the natural processes in our skin, which is a living, breathing organ. Big no no.
Why Phy is un-fairSkin care is way more important than "looking fair". For example, making sure your pores aren't blocked, and that your skin is hydrated, clear & healthy will keep it in ship shape.
Why Phy is un-fairThe obsession with fairness also brings in bleaches and other harmful chemicals – which do more harm than good, trust us!
Why Phy is un-fairMost skin problems (especially as we grow older) are to do with not having enough sun protection - especially in tropical climates. Your skin’s natural melanin helps!

Simple, straightforward and scientific. That's what we think The Phy Life should be all about!


Hello Nirja. Thanks for writing in and welcome to The Phy Life. Apologies for any misunderstanding, however neither Phy or Plum makes any skin whitening products. Do let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Cheers, Team Phy

Admin July 30, 2019

Okay, you patted yourself on the back, but you still make whitening products for women back on plum!

that’s ‘un-fair’ I suppose (and this isn’t really a genius pun)

Nirja Shah July 30, 2019

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