Mind the monsoon, men!

The rains are great but can wreak havoc on your personal grooming & hygiene, can’t they? The moisture & humidity makes you more prone to sweat & infections. Make a few adjustments though, and you’ll be good to go.

Here’s 10 tips to keep your skin & body monsoon-safe:

I. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

Monsoon = higher chance of micro-bacterial infection! Wash your face 3 times a day to keep it safe, especially when exposed to rain water.

II. Cotton is your best friend

Wear easy, breathable fabrics! Stick less, sweat less and dry quick. Cotton is the best bet in heavy monsoon regions.

III. Moisturize + mattify

Humidity means your skin is naturally stickier. Use only lightweight, mattifying moisturizers that keep your skin stick & shine free!

IV. Let those feet breathe

If you can avoid it, don’t wear closed shoes! They make you prone to fungal infections. Travel in floaters / sandals and switch in the office.

V. Scrub away that muck

Your pores get extra clogged with the rain, dirt, and humidity! Use a mild scrub twice a week to keep your skin infection and acne free.

VI. Pocket that handkerchief

Pro tip: Keep a handkerchief on you always. The humidity makes you sweat, and a quick handkerchief spruce up before your next meeting, may be just what you need.

VII. Hydrate (read: 8), please!

8 glasses of water per day are a must. As weird as it sounds, your skin needs extra hydration in the monsoon to make up for the moisture lost in sweat.

VIII. Stay sun protected

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Sun rays can still reach & harm your skin – even on overcast days. So, don’t forget to SPF.

IX. Mosquitoes are out & about

When the sun’s away, mosquitoes come out & play. Make sure you use a repellent on you & in your car, office & home!

X. Deo first, perfume next

Deo = keeps off bad odour, perfume = adds the fragrance. Don’t skip the deo step, that’s what’ll keep you smelling fresh all day.


One of the best topic I have read in quite a while. This will help every driver.

Malone June 02, 2020

It’s always so sweet and also full of a lot of fun for me personally and my office colleagues to search your blog a minimum of thrice in a week to see the new guidance you have got.

Danyell Soltys September 09, 2019

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