The story of PHY

Phy is everywhere.

Physics, physicality and physique begin with it.
Phytochemistry (the science of plant-sourced ingredients) begins with phy, too.
Lest you think it's all physical, there's philosophy. See the phy in it? Profound. Once you start looking, you'll see phy everywhere.
The sciences of lots of things end with phy. Like geography and oceanography.
As do many arts - think photography.

Nature, science, philosophy and a bit of art - that's what we call thephylife.

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At phy, we believe in the need to simpli-phy. All your skincare, bodycare, haircare, beardcare questions answered. One question at a time. Want us to write about something? Let us know at and we'll do our best to fit it in.


Hello Gaurav, thank you for writing in. Your concern is valid & we attempt to resolve that by being very transparent about what goes in our products and what you can expect them to do. That being said, you can check the individual product pages on our website for customer reviews as well. If you’d like, we also have travel packs of most of our products that allow you to buy them in smaller quantities and try the product before committing to a full size. Hope that helps. Cheers, Team Phy

Admin March 19, 2019

How and why I should use ur product as per u r new and there is no proven fact about ur products

Gaurav oli March 19, 2019

Hello. You can buy and review our products at and exclusively. You can also email us with your order request at or call/whatsapp at +91-9930-133-511 to place your order. Do let us know if we can help with anything else. Cheers, Team Phy.

Admin December 24, 2018

Its amazing going through your products ranges and images.

Few queries like:

where can i buy your products? how should i review them and then fix it up for my husband?
too much and no words :)

Ruchi Labhshankar Joshi December 23, 2018

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