Oily skin, out of the way! Here’s clay (masks).

Did you know what fruits are to diets, face masks are to skin care! And if acne & oil are your worst enemies, you can’t get much better than clay.

Fresh & bright appearance – check!
Acne control – check!
Spot lightening – check!
De-tanning & de-toxing – check!

Men, if you haven't considered using face masks (or face packs as some people call them), here's everything you need to know about why you need to start masking NOW.
Oily skin, out of the way! Here’s clay (masks).
Any skin care product that works by "masking" or covering your face for a short period of time (20-30 mins usually) is a face mask. Masks are not "leave on" products like creams, they are "wash off" products. I.e. Rub, rinse, repeat!
Oily skin, out of the way! Here’s clay (masks).

And for the more adventurous, there are bubble masks, too - that bubble up on skin when you apply them :)
Oily skin, out of the way! Here’s clay (masks).Clay masks are made with special types of clay (e.g., kaolin, bentonite, fuller earth etc.) Here’s what these clays do:

1. Deep cleanse pores, thus preventing blackheads and acne from forming
2. Help absorb excess oil from skin, resulting in a fresh, bright appearance
3. Exfoliate dead cells from skin, resulting in de-tanning and younger-looking skin
Oily skin, out of the way! Here’s clay (masks).Almost anything! Specialist ingredients to control acne, brighten, de-tan and moisturize skin are generally included in face masks. For eg. Licorice, Lemon Peel, Green Tea etc. 
Oily skin, out of the way! Here’s clay (masks).
P.S. They’re all season players. You can use them year-round! Because clay masks deep cleanse and exfoliate, they should only be used once a week. Or max twice. Too much exfoliation ain't good for your face!

Try The Acne-Action Face Mask to deep cleanse and get rid of excess oil. 

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