Your 101 Guide to Body Mists

What is a body mist?

The Phy Life- What is a body mist?

A body mist is a light and less concentrated version of a perfume. It imparts a mild, soft fragrance that lingers on without overpowering your senses. Mostly used an as after-shower application, you can also use a body mist throughout the day whenever you need to amp up your freshness quotient. 

Why do you need a body mist?

The Phy Life- Body Mist

  • Keep yourself smelling fresh

A body mist gives you that instant feeling of freshness, be in the morning at home or after a long day at work.

  • To enhance the after-shower experience

Apply after shower on cleansed skin for your daily dose of added refresh.

  • Mild, light fragrance

Body mists have a light fragrance that go easy on your senses.

  • Comes handy to use anytime, anywhere

It comes in a handy packaging that can be carried around in your pocket or bag. A quick spritz anywhere and you’re good to go.

#PhySuggests Mountain Rain All-Day Fresh Body Mist.

The Phy Life- Mountain Rain All-Day Fresh Body Mist

Hit the spray button for an instant refresh. Fresh, earthy, misty, this body mist will transport you amidst rain-washed mountains right in the lap of nature.\

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