Tutorial on How to Use a Beard Oil

Beard oils are a must for anyone looking to amp up their beard game. Whether you sport a stubble or a heavy beard, a beard oil nourishes your facial hair, conditions it, and lends it a fuller look. Most importantly it keeps that well-tended mane at the best of its health.

Keep reading for a complete tutorial on beard oils and their usage.

What is a beard oil?

A beard oil is a specially formulated mix of natural oils to condition and moisturize your beard from inside, keep it soft and promote growth.

Why do you need a beard oil?

To deal with a dry beard

A beard oil can moisturize and hydrate your beard from within. It tackles beard dryness and improves its texture.

To improve beard health

A beard oil prevents the skin underneath from itching and maintains overall health.

To promote growth

Beard oils often are made from a mix of other naturally derived oils that contain growth promoting actives. A beard oil helps a scraggly beard look fuller as well.

How to use a beard oil?

A beard oil is best used on a cleansed face and beard when your pores are open so that your skin can absorb all the goodness.

  • Take a few drops in your palm and massage it into your beard.
  • Start from the top working gradually downwards toward the end.
  • Use a wooden comb to distribute it and you’re done.

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