Why you need to add a face mask to your routine, today!

Face masks, gentlemen, are going to take your skin’s well-being to the next level. 

For skincare to effectively contribute to wellness, it is imperative that certain steps are added to your routine. Face masks are effective, soothing and have a major role to play in your skin’s good health.

#1 Removing excess oil from skin

The Phy Life- Removing excess oil Face masks tame oiliness. Especially in the "T-Zone" (nose to lower forehead) area by absorbing excess oils. They deep clean dirt, oil and grime from your pores, cleaning your skin from the insides and give way to healthy, cleansed skin, especially in the hot summer. 

#2 Natural extracts that reveal brighter skin

The Phy Life- Natural Extracts

Choose a face mask with plant-derived actives and natural extracts that exfoliate skin, control sebum oxidation and one that tightens up open pores, preventing blemishes, blackheads, and acne. 

#3 Promotes skin renewal

The Phy Life- Skin Renewal

Face masks promote skin renewal infusing moisture, oxygen, adding much-needed vitamins and antioxidants which help repair your skin and fight aging. It also improves blood circulation en route to a healthier-feeling and looking skin. 

Get masking with the Phy In The Clear Acne-Action Face Mask and give your skin some much-needed downtime! 


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