The Face-Wash Tutorial

Given the times we are living in, cleanliness is next to godliness. Keeping your face healthy, fresh and free from pollutants, is an important step of your everyday routine. 

Washing your face might be a no-brainer but there are a few ways to do it right.

The Phy Life- Wash your face

Washing your face with lukewarm water helps open up the pores and deep cleanse your skin from within. It allows the face wash to work its way into the pores. 

The Phy Life- Get a face cleanse

Cleansing your face should be the last step in your shower, as this is when all the residue pollutants from your skin have been washed off. Work the face wash into a slight lather, all the way to your hairline and neck. Let it sit for 5 minutes before washing it off. 

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The Phy Life- Beard and Face wash

Your beard needs frequent moisturizing to prevent dryness. To give it the nourishment it needs, use a face wash that doubles up as a beard wash and keep your beard healthy and happy. 

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The Phy Life- Use a moisturizer

It is important that your face is moisturized after a cleanse. This allows the moisture to be absorbed in your skin and replace the skin’s natural oils and pH levels to restore firmness and freshness. 

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Add these imperative steps to your cleanse routine and feel the difference! 

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