Summer Care for your Beard

The temperatures are soaring as we get closer to summer and your beard is in dire need of some TLC. We live amongst dry and humid weather conditions and it is important that you take care of your beard and give it the hydration and nourishment it needs. 

1. Wash it regularly with a beard wash

The Phy Life- Use a beard wash

On hot and humid days, it is important to maintain a routine when it keeps to washing your beard with a sulphate-free and toxin-free beard wash. Make sure you wash it at regular intervals, including morning, evening, and night so that your mane is hydrated and able to absorb moisture. 

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2. Drink lots of fluids to prevent breakage

The Phy Life- Drink fluids

Keeping your body hydrated has a key role to play in your skin’s well-being. It prevents hair from becoming weak or brittle, giving it necessary moisture to prevent breakage. 

#3 Use a beard creme to keep it well-groomed 

The Phy Life- Use a beard creme

A clean, well-maintained beard will help you stay sane this summer. Use a beard creme that will take all the unruly hair and make your bead frizz-free, giving it the requisite nutrients and moisturization. 

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Gentlemen, you deserve the mane of your dreams. So soak in the sun even while you stay home, make the most of summer and don’t forget to give your beard some summer care. 

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