The Inside Scoop: A Peek Into Phy Products In-the-making

Ever wondered what it takes to get your favourite Phy products to your doorstep? This week, we dive into a conversation with Nitesh Roy, resident Phy Guy and certified product expert about everything from an office that’s always buzzing with ideas, to the joy of holding the final product in your hands!


Hey there, Nitesh! It’s exciting to have you here!

It’s so exciting to be here! Any one who works at the Phy office will know how different, exciting and fast-paced each day is, and I’m happy to hear that every Phy guy will get to know the behind-the-scenes of our process.


How do you decide which product should be launched?

Our customers are our biggest inspiration, and we ensure that we’re well tuned into the voice of our Phy guys to listen, understand and offer something of value. Although our process eventually takes many routes like primary and secondary research, testing, etc. one of the most important activities we undertake at the beginning of any ideation is talking to our customers to really get a feel of what they need. We’re also always looking at reports, updates and exciting innovations from the Indian and global market that will take us to the next level! At other times, our process is super simple. For eg. our Apple Cider Vinegar conditioner was the natural next step after all the love we received for the shampoo!


What are your initial conversations like?

Oh, they’re super open ended! We like to think out of the box and just let the thoughts flow- sometimes, we end up sitting in a room for hours just brainstorming! With our ideas, the excitement builds once we become certain about an aspect- whether it’s an ingredient or a concern-based solution. This is something that really helps us give direction to our thoughts and set the stage for the next steps! And let me tell you- it keeps getting better with each step!


Okay, awesome! What’s next?

Once we settle on the main idea, we start the formulation process- which is THE most important step! Now, this is really where the magic happens- with our larger product team in our labs, who are masters at making your product what it is. Should it be a gel? What about cellulose beads? What’s the fragrance that matches what we’re going for? Will it be a pump or a squeezable bottle? That’s pretty much our entire world of conversations at this stage! Now, this is also when we speak to consumers, asking them about their thoughts and expectations about the product, gathering feedback about anything and everything. Needless to say, Phy guys are always a part of the process, and it’s actually extremely essential for us to understand the experience of the product first-hand.


Wonderful! How does the product get its iconic design?

While the inside is getting finalized, we parallelly work on the outside. The colour of the product packaging, the design, the elements, and all the other wonderful things that will make this a stand-out product is what we love about this stage. Needless to say, there are lots of things happening in the background, from certifications to other super important decisions that require the superpowers of the larger Phy team.


Sounds really exciting! What’s next?

The launch! As we near the end of all these processes, all that’s left is to let our Phy guys know that there’s a new favourite product in town! Now that’s where the real excitement kicks in- getting to see the final product in our hands… and yours! Especially when the first prototype is probably lying somewhere close by, it’s surreal to have the FINAL product in front of you.


What’s the most favourite thing about this entire journey for you?

Can I say- EVERYTHING?! The entire journey is more of a kick for me, really- the joy of getting a new product in the portfolio, having everyone talk about and love it. It inspires me and the team to do everything we can to get the best of the best out there in your hands. That feeling of making a difference to our Phy guys really can’t be quantified or measured!

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