How to Make EDTs and Perfumes Last Longer

Everyone has a fragrance they call their ‘signature’ scent. From musky goodness to robust woody tones, we’ve all got our set of Perfumes, Eau de Toilettes, Deodorants, Body mists and more that make us feel great, almost instantly. While spritzing on that go-to scent seems fairly easy, a point worth pondering upon is, ‘How do I make this fragrance last longer?’
Hold on to your seats, ‘cause you’re going to be blown away with a few surprisingly simple hacks! We’re giving you 8 easy tips to make sure your fragrance lasts longer. Thank us later!

1. Apply on clean skin

Oil, sweat and dirt tend to make your skin feel sticky and greasy, making it difficult for the fragrance to settle on it for a long time. The solution? Spritz on you favourite scent right after you step out of the shower to help it last longer.

Our Phy Mountain Rain EDT is ideal for that refreshingly fresh feeling that stays on even hours after you’ve left the shower!

2. Layer unscented moisturizer under the fragrance

We love this hack! Here’s a step-by-step on how to do it:

  • Apply a thin layer of a light or unscented moisturizer (the Aloe Gel Hydrator, perhaps) on the areas you want to apply your fragrance on
  • Wait for a minute to let the moisturizer settle on your skin
  • Spray / dab your perfume on the spots
  • The fragrance will bond with the moisturizer and stay on the skin for much longer! Voila!

3. Be strategic about where you apply

Heard of pulse points? Essentially, pulse points are warm areas on the body which make for ideal perfume locations. Since warmth is great for the oils inside fragrances, pulse points become natural strategic locations to spritz it on for a long-lasting effect. Some ideal pulse points are the neck, wrists, behind the knee and inside the elbow!

4. Don’t rub it in your skin

‘Dab, don’t rub’ is a common phrase people who know about fragrances use. And they’re right! Rubbing perfume on your skin essentially dilutes the fragrances by mixing with your natural oils. The best way to do it? Pick a pulse point, spray, and dab any excess off.

5. Layer your fragrances

Sometimes, a perfume is just not enough! Maybe you’re going to have a really active day, or a long night out, and only one spritz just won’t do the trick. What you can do here is to mix in similar fragrances in your routine and build up the fragrance! For example, if you’re going for that citrusy-fresh feel, use a body wash, shampoo and eau de toilette from the same fragrance family to up the game!

6. Check the fragrance notes

Learning about fragrance notes is not just for perfumers or fragrance lovers! Matching the fragrance to the right occasion can be key in ensuring that it stays. You wouldn’t want to wear a delicate fragrance on an active day or a party, would you? A quick read-through on the bottles will usually give you an idea about what the fragrance is ideal for.
For example, our Phy Black EDT, with its spicy and sensual notes of Sichuan Pepper & Indian Oud is perfect for a black tie event or late night party.

7. Spray on your skin, not your clothes

Most fragrances are made to be sprayed directly on your skin. Especially deodorants, eau de toilettes and perfumes are fragrances that should not be sprayed onto clothes, ever! Not only do they evaporate quicker, they may not suit the material of your clothing in the long run.

8. Keep away from changes in temperatures

While we all keep our fragrances handy, make sure you’re not keeping the bottles open, next to direct sunlight, or in bathrooms where the humidity and temperature fluctuates. This is because sudden and frequent temperature changes can reduce the potency of the fragrance oils in your perfumes, making them ineffective for long-term use!

Admit it, who knew it was so damn easy to keep feeling on top of the world throughout the day!

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