The basics of better shaves

The number 1 mistake shavers make? Thinking all shaves are created equal. Nothing can be further from the truth! There is SO MUCH you can do to make that shave smoother, closer, better.

It’s time to make those morning friction-free & painless with these 10 crucial tips.

TIP #1: Open up those pores with a couple of splashes of cold water

TIP #2: Pick the right form! Shaving gels lubricate your skin better than foams

TIP #3: Scrub away that dead skin & ingrowth for a smoother shave

TIP #4: Rough beard? Try a little beard oil to soften it up before you start!

TIP #5: Never skip that after shave spray! Your skin needs a soother after the wear & tear

TIP #6: Pull your skin taut before you wield the blade. Fewer cuts, closer shave!

TIP #7: Give the alcohol in a pass in that after-shave. Burning skin doesn’t equal effectiveness

TIP #8: Shave WITH the grain! The risk of cuts & razor burn shaving against the grain ain’t worth it

TIP #9: Spare the time to work up a good lather with that shaving brush. Don’t skimp!

TIP #10: Keep your razor clean & dry. Rust can cause infections

Start shaving easy with the Classic Shave Combo

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