6-Step NYE Get Ready Guide

“Tonight’s gonna be a good night, tonight’s gonna be a good good night”

At midnight, 2019 will be over & a great 2020 will begin! Let’s bring in the decade our dapper best, shall we? Here’s a 6-step guide to get you ready from head-to-toe.

1. Clothes that make the paparazzi click

Fine dine, dancing the night away, a home party? This outfit works for them all! Go with dark pants & a structured blazer but skip the shirt, and pick a t-shirt that suits your mood instead. Stylish & comfy.

2. Skin that is photo-ready

Cleanse-scrub-mask-moisturize? That's right! Get rid of all the grime & bring your skin back to bright. Check our instant skin refreshers + brighteners here.

3. Beards (or lack thereof) to steal the show 

Cleanse, condition & cult-ivate, we always say! Messy beards aren’t cool. Pick top notch beard care here. Prefer the clean-shaven look? Shave-easy with these must-haves!

4. Hair that turns heads 

High shine, high hold? Go for a gel
Matte look, high hold? Pick a pomade or clay
Medium shine, medium hold? A wax/cream is what you need
Medium shine, low hold? A light styling serum

5. Shoes that are party starters  

Fine dine? Classic yet contemporary oxfords.
Dance, dance, dance or a home party? Loafers are the smartest choice.

6. Fragrance that keeps you fresh

It's always deodorant FIRST. It keeps the odour at bay! Perfume NEXT, to help you slay! Opt for a strong one with a lasting fragrance.

 That’s all for today folks. Happy New Year & cheers, from Team Phy! See you in 2020.

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