5 vegan foods your skin needs as much as you

What you put on your body is as important as what you put in it!

Whether your goal is clearing acne or protecting your skin from pollution, the first step to attaining killer skin is a healthy, balanced diet, and step 2 is picking the right skincare. They do call these superfoods for a reason. Read on.


Walnut is a superfood that’s been around a long time, is just now being appreciated. Compounds like omega-3 linoleic acid are good for your circulatory system & skin health.

Crush ‘em up & use as a scrub? Voila, a natural plastic beads alternative & brighter, fresher skin. Try The Shield After-Sun Recovery Scrub.
The Shield After-Sun Recovery Scrub

Flax seed, a.k.a. Linseed

A micro-sized powerhouse that will make your inside & outside healthy and good. Rich in the famed Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

What do they do for your skin & hair? Add a whole lotta hydration & nutrition to keep it smooth & soft. Try Cult-ivator Growth Promoting Beard Oil.
Cult-ivator Growth Promoting Beard Oil


A gluten-free, whole-grain carbohydrate, as well as a whole protein (i.e. it contains all nine essential amino acids). This one’s a must-have.

This superstar helps your skin & hair lock in its natural moisture. I.e. it’ll keep it from getting dry or dull when exposed to the elements. Try The Shield Pollution Protect Face + Beard Wash.

The Shield Pollution Protect Face + Beard Wash


This one is consumed in many forms! Whole olives, olive extracts, olive seed oils. And no matter which form, it delivers.

A natural conditioner, it acts as a silicone replacement to add moisture to your hair & skin – keeping it hydrated & happy. Try The Shield Daily Defence Cream SPF 45 PA+++.


Corn is not just a crunchy snack but is super-packed with high nutrients which are useful for a human body in more ways that one!

The high levels of protein act as a great booster for hair strength, and an animal-friendly alternative to the typically animal-derived keratin treatments. Try The Booster Strengthen + Soften Hair + Beard Serum.

The Booster Strengthen + Soften Hair + Beard Serum

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