Summer Styling Tips to Stay Cool & Look Good

Picture this: It’s close to 40 degrees outside and you’re stepping out of a vehicle into the sweltering heat. It’s sunny, dusty, & there’s a whole lot of sweat. Not pretty, eh? Wondering how you’ll keep your styling game up while making sure you stay cool as a cucumber? Let’s go through the steps.


Accessorize away!

If you’ve shied away from accessorizing in the past, summer is your chance! It’s not just the heat that will make accessorizing work in your favour. The changes in temperatures outside, in your office and other places where you’re on-the-go can wreak havoc on your summer style! Since we’re sure you don’t want to walk into office sweating buckets or carrying nasty BO, we recommend accessorizing with hats & sunglasses to keep cool. A pro tip: swap those heavy business suits for linen blazers that can be quickly pulled on/off and make for great style!

Make up with patterns

Patterns are in, and they’re your friends, too! While you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb with an odd print, standing out can be quite the cool statement for your personal style. Pick subtle patterns that bring out the uniqueness of the outfit. Or, pick statement bags with block prints that make up for the plain colours on your person. 

Natural fibers FTW

Skip the nylons and polyethene and say yes to cotton! This summer, one way of staying cool and looking good while doing it is to pick fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. Linen and cotton are two fabrics that work equally well. Cotton and linen wear absorbs sweat (that in turn, helps cool down the body), makes for easy air circulation between your skin and the atmosphere, leading to an overall cooling effect. Pick a linen shirt and pair it with a cotton trouser for your office meeting or wear a casual cotton tee to an evening out with friends.

Cleanse often to avoid oily buildup

Ah, yes. Summers. When your skin turns oily naturally without doing much, you know you’ve got cleanse more. Why, you ask? Well, apart from the burst of freshness a quick splash can give you, sweat, dirt & oil can build up on your skin and block your pores, making you more susceptible to acne. It’s advisable to cleanse your face twice a day to keep your pores happy. Pick a face wash that’s right for your skin.

Sensitive & acne-prone skin owners, the Green Tea Face Wash is ideal for your skin type.

Oily & combination skin folks, grab the Charcoal Face Wash for a deep cleanse.

Bring back the fade

While you’re trimming or shaving off that long beard to stay cool this summer, give your hairstyle a refresh with a light fade. This will not only refresh your look, but also keep you feeling (and looking) cool as ever! 

Switch your fragrances

More heat means you need a stronger, more long-lasting fragrance that works for you. Instead of subtle, floral notes, we recommend going with fragrances that are oriental & citrusy. Aqua is a great choice if you’re looking for that cooling feeling all day. Out and about on your next adventure? We recommend a versatile fragrance like our Eau de Toilette Mountain Rain to keep you company. Worried about B.O. taking over your fragrance? Apply the perfume straight out of the shower & carry a travel-size version with you on-the-go.


And there you go! A quick spritz, haircut, cleanse & style later, you’re all set to welcome the summer with open arms.

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