How to Avoid Tanning in the Summer

Sun’s out, folks! And you know what that means- sun, sand, beaches galore. Right? Well… almost. With the advent of summer and all things bright, we’re sure you’ve also got those worries creeping in: Should I be heading out right now? What if I tan? Oops, I tanned! Now what? Relax! Let us sort you out.


First things first. Let’s talk about what it means when you tan and what makes this happen.

What does it mean?

Melanin is the pigment in your body that gives your skin its unique colour, and protects it from burning. When you tan, more melanin gets produced that results in your skin looking darker in the exposed areas.


So, what makes you tan, and why is that a bad thing?

UVA! It’s UVA radiation from the sun that penetrates into your skin, that leads to more melanin being produced and, as a by product, more tanning. Apart from the unaesthetic look of a tan line, there are other reasons why tanning is bad. While whatever melanin your body produces naturally is perfectly alright, UVA rays (and by way of it, tanning) can damage your skin cells, accelerate signs of ageing and make you more susceptible to some types of cancers.


Luckily, there are ways to have fun in the sun without exposing yourself to the dangers of tanning. Here are a few!

Wear protective clothing

From light jackets to gloves and hats, invest in protective clothing when you step out to shield your skin from unwanted UVA rays! We recommend that you go with multiple layers so you can quickly peel those full sleeves off indoors.

Layer up that SPF (and apply often)

You really can’t say it enough times! Sunscreen is a summer ESSENTIAL! It doesn’t just act as a barrier between UVA rays and your skin, but also has moisturizing and repairing properties.

Our pick: The Daily Skin Defense Sunscreen that has SPF 45 and is packed with Niacinamide!

Cleanse and exfoliate often

With summers, come dirt, sweat and clogged pores. And while that calls for stocking up on your favourite cleansers and exfoliators, there’s another reason for you to pick them up! Exfoliating your skin usually removes dead skin cells from the top of your skin, helping in reducing the appearance of tanned skin. 

Limit sun-time as much as possible

While it may not always be possible, try to limit or adjust your outdoor hours to accommodate for the sun. Avoid stepping out between noon and 3 pm, and…well… if you have to, you know how to shield yourself with protective gear!


Make your supplement game strong

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid some sun-time. Instead of fearing the worst tan of your life, stay hydrated, slap on some sunscreen, and stay on top of your health supplements to combat the side effects of the sun & tanning from the inside out.



Oh, and did we mention? Go on out and enjoy the summer!

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