Summer Hair: How to Style & Maintain It

Summer’s hair, as they say. And with the heat, humidity and other whatnots of the season, the one thing that comes back to life every year is the iconic summer hairdo. From guys who go for a slick ‘do, to guys who prefer to buzz it off and let their scalp breathe, there’s more than one way to make sure your summer hair makes people go ‘wow’ and not ‘wha?’. Here’s a few:


1. The buzz cut

Hey, basic doesn’t have to LOOK basic! If you’re planning on chopping those locks for summer, a buzz cut can be super versatile for everything from office to parties. Quick tip: add a gradual fade from the back of your head to your crown, so you can let your outfit shine while keeping your hair looking stylish. While buzzing your hair down gives you a new look to play with, it also lets your scalp breathe in the buzzing summer heat!


2. The uber cool fade

The ideal fade starts from your back and sides and gradually fades into a medium length on your crown. While all fades are typically done in a similar fashion, some ways to make your fade your own are:

  • Add pops of colour to your outfits
  • Let your personality shine with bold clothing choices for each occasion
  • Accessorize with glasses, hats, even jewelry!


    3. Top bun

    So, you love the ‘grown out hair’ look, or you usually like to sport longer hair, but you’re worried about the sun putting a damper on your style? If this is you, then look no further than the top bun. Perfect for the easygoing, chilled and laidback guy, this hair style is ideal for giving a unique look to any outfit. Pro tip: Use a bit of aloe gel or hair gel to give your bun a slick look for your work day.


    4. It’s all about the conditioner

    If you thought conditioner wasn’t for guys, then you’re in for a surprise! Summer makes hair, and yes we mean ALL hair, dry and frizzy. It’s important to follow up your shampoo with conditioner to make sure that your hair is soft, smooth and bouncy all day. Oh, and don’t forget to apply conditioner to ONLY your hair strands and NOT your roots!


    5. Gentle styling products

    While we all love styling our hair, the heat and sweat that comes with the summer may make us want to keep away from styling. But, instead of completely saying NO to styling products, we recommend using light and gentle styling products that are good to your hair and that you can wash off easily.


    6. Wash warm, rinse cold

    Hmph, well, do we even need to say this? Hair care hacks may vary from expert to expert, but this one’s a ‘yes’ from all: when you wash your hair, remember to wash warm and rinse cold. What does that mean? Well, it’s simple. Start your hair wash routine with warm or lukewarm water and wash off your conditioner with cold water.


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