Summer of 2022: Stepping into summer skincare


Hello, March! As we’re finally gearing up to store our winter clothes away for at least the next few months and embracing the warmth, we’re sure to be dreading some of the not-so-fun things about summer. Yep, we’re talking about the sweat, humidity, heat, harsh sun,… we could go on. Luckily, we scoured the internet, asked our in-house experts and learned some things the hard way about caring for your skin when the temperatures soar way above the 40s. The result? Skincare tips for the Indian summers that we’re sure will be all the rage in the next few weeks, if not days! 


1. Cleansers are so in 

Feeling the summer heat? We get it! As temperatures rise, so does humidity and we all know what that means! More heat, more oil and more sweat. We think cleansers are soon going to be your best friend this summer, for more than one reason. Let’s start with the basics: what can I consider a ‘cleanser’? Well, everything that cleans your face is a cleanser, to put it simply. This includes face washes, body washes, scrubs and other exfoliators and other lesser known things like cleansing balms. In the summer, it becomes more essential to cleanse your skin often, since a high amount if oil and sweat can clog up pores leading to higher chances of developing acne and other skin nasties! 


Here are our favourite cleansers we’d love for you to try: 

Charcoal Face Wash 

Vitamin Sea Energizing Body Wash 

Green Tea Face Wash 


2. More heat = more moisturization 

Yep, you heard it right. The hotter it gets, the more moisturization your skin needs since heat dehydrates your skin as you sweat. So, even if your skin feels oily, it’s just sebum secretion as a response to extra dry skin. There are a couple of things you can do to beat the heat AND the dryness! First things first- always moisturize right after you shower! Don’t skip this step after your daily cleansing routine to ensure that you’re restoring the skin’s essential moisture. Remember to wear SPF- and lots of it! Sunscreen doesn’t just protect the skin, it also nourishes and moisturizes it. Lastly, make sure you have a night time skincare routine. Investing in your skin overnight readies it for the next day and ensures a continuous flow of moisture throughout! 

Try our Green Tea Superlight Moisturizer for that lightweight, non-greasy look. 


3. Products with Niacinamide 

As you go about your day, don’t forget that the sun is peering down on you, often leaving you with an uneven skin tone, unexplained redness, tanning and sun damage! To combat this, a super effective and easy method is also one of the most heard ones: wear sunscreen! Sunscreen is an essential shield between you and the harsh sun. So, why Niacinamide? Well, if you couple sun protection with Niacinamide, you get double the benefits! Niacinamide reduces inflammation and redness, helps even out skin tone and provides your skin with moisturization, too. 


Looking for the best of both worlds? Try our Daily Skin Defense Sunscreen, that’s SPF 45 AND enriched with Niacinamide! 


4. Masking is NOT optional! 

In life or in skincare, remember that masks are key! Face masks don’t just remove unwanted dirt and oil from your skin, they’re also essential to unclogging pores and moisturizing your skin in the right balance. We think face masks are super essential for the Indian summer not just because of their oil absorbing properties, but because of their versatility for multiple skin tones. 

Looking for a face mask that works? Try our Green Tea Face Mask for sensitive, acne-prone skin and the 2-in-1 Charcoal Face Mask + Scrub for oily & combination skin. 



5. Choosing the right fragrance is key  

In a blog about skincare, why are we talking about fragrance? We’re getting to it! To start with, with more heat and sweat you need to pick skincare with the right fragrance. Make sure your skincare contains fragrances that are mild enough to not be very harsh, and strong enough to last you through the day! Another key element to consider is whether the fragrance is right for your skin type. Certain ingredients in fragrances react negatively with the skin and can lead to reactions. Especially with perfumes and EDTs that go directly on your skin, you’ve got to be doubly careful! 

Reach for our range of fragrances that are subtle, safe and long-lasting. 



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