Care for Holi Skin & Hair: A Complete Guide

This Holi-day (yup, we went there!), as you enjoy the festivities and play with colour, make sure you pay the right kind of attention to your hair and skin, too. From dull, dry hair to irritated and flaky skin, there are many ways your skin can show that it needs some extra care post the color carnival. Worry not! We’re here with tips and tricks on how to enjoy your colours AND care for your skin and hair!


Moisturize well the night before

It’s really not just about D-day, is it? It’s best to invest some extra time in moisturizing your skin well the night before. How does it help? For starters, the colours used to play Holi can be drying, leading to itchy, flaky skin. Moisturizing your skin ensures that your skin remains well hydrated and protected. What hydrated skin also helps with is creating a protective layer against those Holi colours.


Sunscreen is a must

With mornings and afternoons getting hotter by the day, the one thing you must prep your skin with is sunscreen! No matter how much water you’re showered with, cooling down does not equal protection from the sun. So, remember to layer on some SPF right before you head out for some Holi fun.

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Loofahs are a great way to scrub the colours off

Hmph, so you’ve come back from reveling in the joy of Holi colours, but now you’re wondering how to get them off safely? First things first, do NOT scrub with your nails! Scrubbing colour off this way will not only harm your skin and nails but may not even be effective! Pick a loofah, even better if it’s one made of vegetable fiber + a mild body wash and gently exfoliate your skin instead.

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Oil up your hair to lock in the moisture

Let’s face it- we’ve all dealt with dry, frizzy hair right after Holi, right? Well, mostly it’s because the colours we use for Holi are usually quite harsh for our hair strands. A simple trick is to oil your hair before playing to create a protective layer and keep the hair moisturized.


Clip those nails!

The one annoying thing about playing with those beautiful colours? The fact that they get stuck under your fingernails, argh! Remember to clip your nails short to avoid caking the underside of your fingernails with colours!


Say goodbye to itchy beards, too

As you prepare to be said hello to with a burst of colour on your face, we’re sure you must be wondering- well, what about my beard? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Use a beard cream or beard oil to soften up and moisturize your beard before you head out to play Holi, so that you can keep your post-Holi beard feeling soft & healthy!

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And there it is- you're officially ready to Holi-Phy your weekend AND care for your skin and hair the right way!

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