Skin Detox 101 with a Clay Face Mask

Remember those nights when the party goes on for a little too long and drinks flow a tad too much. Of course you don’t. No one does! What everyone remembers is waking up all groggy and hungover the next morning, only to promise yourself no more binge drinking. That of course lasts only till the next time you find yourself in the company of your best pals. But in that middle where you promise that short-lived abstinence, is that period when you go for an internal cleanse or detox. Why? Because your body needs it.

And it’s not just the body, but also your skin that needs such a detox or cleansing spree every once in a while. To keep it free of acne, blemishes, uneven tone, and all that oil that it keeps releasing all the time. Because while everyone wants clean & clear skin, only those who work for it - eventually get it. And with Clay Face Masks around, it’s not even difficult. Especially on those nights when all you want to do is Netflix & Chill. Alone!

What are Clay Face Masks?

Clay facial masks are made of one or two types of natural clays (kaolin and bentonite) that can absorb excess oil from your skin, unclog the pores of accumulated impurities, exfoliate, and is the perfect face pack for acne.

What are face masks for?

Clay face masks have quite a few benefits:

Get rid of excess oil and built-up impurities

Dead cells and other impurities tend to accumulate on the surface of your skin, eventually leading to breakouts and acne. The best face mask is one that contains kaolin and bentonite to deep cleanse by drawing out excess oil and other build-ups, leaving you with clean, fresh, and acne-free skin.

Brighten your skin tone

Exposure to dirt, grime, pollution, and the sun can make the skin appear dull and patchy. Applying a clay mask once a week exfoliates your skin and brightens up your skin tone. Go for one that contains lemon peel extracts that have proven to effectively get rid of uneven skin tone.

Gentle on the skin

Often cleansers can be harsh on you, especially for those with sensitive or oily skin. A clay mask with its earthy formulations and naturally cleansing properties helps in a complete detox without being harsh on the skin and excessively drying it out.

Do’s & Don’ts of Clay Masks

Clay masks, however easy to apply and effective in cleansing your skin, have a few do’s and don’ts which make them work really well.

Do: Always remember to wash your face with a face wash before applying a mask. You don’t want to be layering on dirt and impurities with a face mask.

Do: Moisturize with after you’ve washed off your face mask to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Use a face wash and moisturizer duo as a starter pack for oily skin.

Do: One of the most important things of how to use a face mask is reading the label on the pack. Make sure the face mask is suited for your skin type, and contains natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. 

Don’t: Do not leave a clay mask on for too long since it can leave your skin excessively dry. The ideal time is 30 mins or as long as the mask takes to dry on your face, whichever is faster.

Don’t: A clay mask does not need a face wash to wash it off. You can rinse your face with water once it has dried and rub your skin in gentle circular motions to exfoliate and wash off.

So, are you ready to take your skin on a detox spree and wondering which face mask is best for you? Get started with the Phy Acne-Action Face Mask

Phy - Acne-Action Face Mask

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