Common Beard Problems & Their Solutions

Let’s face it - growing the beard of your dreams may seem like a daunting task for many. Even if you manage to grow it to the desired length, it’s not easy for everyone to pull off that scruffy, caveman look. (Let’s leave that for Hagrid!) And that’s where, regardless of the types of beards, taking the right care becomes so important. After all, just like everything great in life - great beards require great patience. But along with that, they need attention and all other things good to give you a smooth, flowing beard that even Dumbledore would approve of (quite a few Harry Potter references for one blog.. eh!)

But whatever is your preference among the many types of beard styles, growing a rich & healthy beard comes with its own set of challenges, which if not taken proper care of, can make the entire beard-growing experience a less-than-memorable one. Today’s post will help you work your way around those problems and make the beard-growing experience as memorable as the compliments you get for your beard.

Itchy Beard

Not caring for that mop of facial hair on your skin can lead to a perpetually itchy beard. This may either arise from the fact that you don’t wash your beard frequently enough or from using beard products with harsh formulations. Instead of using regular soap or shampoo on your beard, invest in a beard wash, preferably one with a sulphate-free formulation. Cleanse regularly to get rid of dirt, oil, pollution, and other foreign particles that may have accumulated on your beard.

Beard Dandruff

So, you thought dandruff could appear only on your scalp? Beard dandruff is extremely common, regardless of different types of beards, especially for men who do not moisturize their beard and the skin underneath. A cleanser will obviously leave your beard all dry and rough, and your skin eventually starts flaking. Use a beard oil enriched with natural essentials to moisturize your beard every time you wash it, and a beard crème to condition it.

Patchy Beard

The patchy beard problem is mostly a genetic one, however with a few hacks and some extra TLC, you can fix it! A beard oil always comes in handy as a beard problem solution; take a few drops of your beard oil and massage it into your beard. Make sure to also get all the skin underneath. You can also use a beard roller to spread the oil evenly. Combing is key; run a wooden comb through your beard untangle knots and even out blood flow. Repeat the steps regularly, even after you see a noticeable difference. 

Rough & Brittle

All your body parts need equal care, your beard definitely all the more so! Neglecting your beard may lead to the hair becoming rough and brittle. Follow a proper beard care routine – cleansing, followed by moisturizing and conditioning is a must. Apply a few drops of beard oil to your beard and make sure to massage it into the skin underneath, which often gets ignored. Next, use a beard crème to condition your beard, keep it smooth and frizz free.

Beard Acne

No matter how fine your beard is, a red pimple popping underneath can ruin it! Beard acne is mostly a result of poor hygiene or may even arise when you don’t wash products out of your beard. Cleansing is key; so, use a beard wash and get beard acne out of your way. Also, ensure to exfoliate the skin underneath once a week to get rid of dead cells and remember to moisturize.

Beard hair problems are common when you’re trying to grow one or already have it. It’s part of a journey that every guy who dreams of a beard goes through. But with a few simple steps and the Phy Beardcare Trio, one can keep such troubles at bay and enjoy a happy bearding! 


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