With some patience & the right knowledge, you can get a distinctive beard that even Captain Jack Sparrow will be proud of.

If you’re like most of us, chances are you haven’t stepped out much over the last 1 year (yes, it’s been 1 whole year since the words pandemic & lockdowns became part of our day-to-day lives!). And as a result we’ve socially distanced ourselves from our regular salon visits, opting for at-home services or even honing your own self-grooming skills instead. But while DIY haircuts might still need lots of practice to get it right, taking care of your beard the right way shouldn’t be that taxing. Amongst other things what is needed is patience and the right knowledge to get a distinctive beard that even Captain Jack Sparrow will be proud of.

And if you’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of Captain Jack Sparrow or others like him sporting even longer beards, the following beard growth tips can come in handy whether you’re chilling at home all by yourself, have a work Zoom call to attend, or a virtual date with your partner. And if you’re completely new to the world of growing a beard, this post is pretty much the holy grail you’d want to hold onto for dear life…or well, beard.

Rule 1: Gather your tools before you get to work. A combination of the right grooming and styling tools, in this case, a wooden comb, a pair of scissors or a trimmer, a beard wash, beard oil and lastly a beard cream is everything you need to be armed with if you’re wondering how to grow a beard and keep it well groomed.

How to start?

  • Always start on a fresh note. Wash your beard with a sulphate-free beard wash to get rid of any accumulated dirt, grime, and pollutants. Now, wait for your beard to dry.
  • Once your beard has dried, run the wooden comb through to get rid of any tangles and knots.
  • Next, brush against the grain to get all your beard hair to stick out; this will help identify the strays sticking out here and there.
  • Start trimming, first by getting rid of the strays on the cheeks. Next, take the scissors or trimmer and start trimming in the desired shape, whether your jam is a thick mane or a slight stubble.
  • Move on to the moustache next; first, comb the hair down in the direction of your lips and get rid of any hair that’s touching your lip line.
  • Next, run the comb thoroughly over the trimmed areas working top down towards the neckline trimming up to the length you want.
  • Rinse to get rid of loose hair stuck here and there.
  • Moisturize thoroughly with a beard oil to hydrate your beard and nourish it. Make sure you get the skin underneath your beard as well.
  • Time for the final cherry on the cake – a beard crème. Take some beard crème and spread it on your beard to condition it, tame flyaways, and keep it smelling awesome.

Wait! That’s not all. Once you manage to get your beard in perfect shape and length, the important part begins. Caring for your beard regularly. Wash your beard every day, moisturize with the best beard growth oil and keep it conditioned. Most importantly, get your greens right – broccoli, green peppers, spinach, and citrus fruits contain loads of Vitamin E which is great for your beard health. And over time, see the ‘fruits of your effort’ flow out with a healthy, dense beard. 

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