Moisturizer doesn’t know gender!

You’re sitting at your desk, running your hand over your chin and instead of feeling smooth, your skin feels dry and rough to the touch. Come in moisturizers! Pour, apply, and say hello to smoother skin. Hey, are we talking to men or women here? Of course we are talking to all you dudes. But wait, does slathering up your skin with a generous amount of moisturizer mean that you’re any less of a man? And no sooner than that thought creeps into your mind, do you shy away from reaching for that bottle of moisturizer?

Well, you shouldn’t! Cause today we tell you why moisturizing is as much for men as it is for women. It is one of the most important parts of your grooming regime, as essential as showering. But before that, here’s a refresher on the basics of moisturizers and why you need ’em!

What is a moisturizer?

To put it simply, a moisturizer is the food your skin needs to keep functioning naturally. It is made to protect, smoothen, and soften your skin. A moisturizer retains the natural moisture of your skin and keeps it hydrated. Your daily grooming routine comprises of showering and cleansing, which can often strip your skin of its natural oils, which also act as a protective layer to prevent your skin from drying out. And this is where the role of a moisturizer fits right in by replenishing your skin’s natural oils and hydration levels.

Why do you need a moisturizer?

Well, ideally you should already be using one, however, in case you’re not, here’s why you should moisturize your skin every day.

To prevent early signs of aging

A moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated. It prevents fine lines and wrinkles from setting on at an early age thereby lending a more youthful appearance. Let’s face it; you do want to look your age on that zoom call with your clients, don’t you!

To get rid of breakouts

Oily or not, your skin will stop breaking out only when it is hydrated enough and doesn’t need to produce more oil to make up for the lack of moisture. The best moisturizer for oily skin helps balance the moisture of your skin. On a side note, if you do have oily and acne-prone skin, ditch heavy, greasy creams and go for lighter, water-based formulations.

To add a layer of protection

A moisturizer creates a layer of protection over your skin and helps get rid of redness, flakes, and peeling, keeping it soft, supple, and even-toned.

Why should you use a different moisturizer than women?

While the purpose of a moisturizer remains the same, a man’s skin is slightly different – it’s thicker in texture, has coarser hair, and is known to produce more sebum. Naturally, men’s moisturizers are formulated especially for male skin to deal with excess sebum production; they are also made to absorb better while of course doing the usual job of keeping the skin hydrated. Also, sometimes women’s moisturizers are often more fragrant, a choice that men generally tend to avoid in their skincare or grooming products.

The bottom line

Make moisturization an integral part of your grooming routine, a follow-up to every time you cleanse your face. Even on days when you’re rushing out of the shower to start on your day’s chores or are burnt out and want to just get to bed, take a minute or two to apply that moisturizer.

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