Level up Your Grooming Game This Festive Season

The festive season is upon us and while celebrations this time around might be slightly muted, it is as important to get your grooming game on point to make it yet another memorable experience. Of course, the shorts and track pants that we’ve all got comfortable in over the last few months must give way to those vibrant kurtas & pajamas, just like our laidback grooming routine would need a bit of perking up to suit the special occasion. 

Here are a few tips to light up this festive season with your glow and put your best face forward!

Cleanse first

Cleansing is the first step to any grooming regime. It helps get rid of the dirt, grime, and extra oil on your skin and unclogs pores to reduce the chances of a breakout. If you’re keen on attending a house party or a gathering with friends, also scrub your face an hour before you get ready to remove dead skin cells and brighten up your skin.  

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Moisturizing is key

As winter slowly sets in, your skin needs more hydration than ever. Remember to moisturize after cleansing. You do not want to turn up at someone’s doorstep dressed to the nines with flaky and dry skin, do you!

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Up your beard game

A healthy moustache or beard can be a game-changer at any social event. Use a beard wash to keep your beard clean and hydrated. To nourish your beard and make it look healthier, apply a beard oil. Finish off with a beard crème to condition, tame that mane with a wooden comb and you’re all set to join the #beardedgang!

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Plan your shaving routine in advance

If clean-shaven is your jam, make sure you shave well in advance and not just before you get dressed. This way, even if you get minor cuts or abrasions while shaving, your skin has enough time to heal itself. Dab on some after-shave to leave a fresh, lingering fragrance on your skin.

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Throw in some fragrance

One thing that can rain on your parade is body odor. No matter what your festive plans are, a fragrance is important to switch things up and get your grooming game in perspective. Application of a body mist post-shower, preferably from the same fragrance family can help retain your freshness quotient for longer. In case you’re planning to head out, carry a pocket deodorant that you can reapply as needed.

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Men, we hope you’ve taken notes to get your grooming game going this festive season. All said and done, make sure you also pick a functional outfit for the occasion – be it a casual gathering at your place or a themed house party elsewhere. Soak in the spirit of the festive fervor but remember to stay safe and wear a mask always.

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