Hair or no hair, but there’ll always be a hairstyle!

Imagine this. You’re back in your childhood, crowding in front of the tiny washroom mirror in your school trying to fix your hair before the next class. You whip out the simplest trick in the book - using a few drops of water to wet your hair you style them and strut into the classroom like you’re the coolest kid on the block.

Hair. Less or more, thin or thick, curly or wavy – your hair is an extension of your identity. Put it together with styling and the result is transformative. Your hairstyle is often the first thing someone notices as soon as they fix their eyes on you and does so much more to make or break your personality, rather than merely sitting as a natural crown on the top of your head.

Hairstyling has always been fundamental to any guy’s journey from adolescence to adulthood. From asking the local barber to replicate the haircut of a favourite soccer player, buying affordable hair styling products from the nearest drugstore, trying on a trimmer with shaky hands for the first time, to booking appointments at high-end salons, scheduling hair-spas, going in for a more informed approach while shopping – hair and styles have evoked a consistent appeal across age groups and even through the ages.

While hair styles for men have passed through phases of vogue ranging from the extremely popular to the other extreme, a few of them stayed on to become more than just fads. And today we bring to you 5 classic hairstyles that have stayed on with men.

Slicked Back

This one’s a classic and ideal for hair that has grown out. Best suited for straight hair types that can just be pushed behind and combed back to lend that neat, slicked back look. With its evergreen popularity starting in the 1920s to suit a style that could be worn underneath hats, it became part of contemporary style with Johnny Depp’s masterpiece Cry Baby in the 90s.

Classic Side Part

Pretty much every Indian boy’s first hairstyle! But away from that basic good-boy look bestowed on by doting mothers & fathers, a side-part hairstyle is as versatile as it can get – make it look the youthful-athlete kind or lend a suave, serious approach to your personality. Modern renditions of this hairstyle include growing out the crown and going shorter on the sides.


Brought to life by the likes of pop stars like Elvis Presley and James Dean, the pompadour went through a revamp in the late 2000s and became the talk of the town more recently after being sported by the ever-stylish David Beckham. Modern, effortless, and sophisticated at the same time, a pompadour is the perfect example of hairstyling done right!

Buzz Cut

Every man would have probably gotten a buzz cut at some point in his life. The hair is cut with the razor being kept very close to the head and was typically common among young army recruits. The buzz cut later came to be adapted by men across all age groups because of its non-fussy, no-nonsense style.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is typically the hairstyle when the hair is shorter on the sides and back and medium on the crown. The style is incredibly easy to maintain, keeps cowlicks at bay and can be often grown out to style a quiff until you make your monthly trip to the local salon.

Your hair is probably the one thing that sets you apart. The right hairstyle adds depth to your persona and speaks volumes about you without saying anything at all. 

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