Hair Gel, Wax or Clay - Choosing the right hairstyling partner

What’s the oldest men’s styling trick in the book? A good haircut? Yes! While it is always the first step or for some the only one, without a hair styling product your hair is just going to fall flat on its face…er…head! So, once you’re back from that visit to the salon, the next thing you need is a product for YOUR hair.

You sit to browse but suddenly you find it a bit too overwhelming because you don’t know what to buy and there are too many choices. Yes, options can be great but what good are they when they end up confusing you? Do you need a gel, or will a hair wax amp up your style? Save your bucks on the experimentation because help is on the way!

Today, we’ll break down the difference between a hair gel, wax & clay and also help you choose what’s best suited for your hair!

Hair Gels

These have been the most used hair products for men – sold by everyone from that corner drugstore to a high-end brand. Hair gels have typically been the starter pack for younger boys who were just beginning to venture into the world of hairstyling products and wanted to sport their favourite athlete or actor’s hairdo. Say hello to the 90s!

Gels are mostly water-based, have a translucent jelly-like texture that can be spread easily on your palms and onto your hair. While shine and hold can vary for gels can vary across brands, it is best to go for a gel that offers light hold and shine that gives you the versatility of styling your hair the way you want it.

Best hairstyles- Spikes & Slicked-Back

Hair Waxes

Hair waxes are a more recent evolution in the world of hairstyling. Varying in their hold and shine across brands, the best hair wax for men in India could lend a more natural and effortlessly curated look to any hairdo. They are in fact a godsend for men with thin hair and are looking to add volume and bring in more texture to their hair. These are also good for controlling annoying flyaways.

Waxes have a creamy texture as compared to hair gels and need some amount of rubbing in your palms before application. They don’t harden in your hair once applied, so you can opt for a quick change of hairstyle in the middle of the day.

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Hair Clays

The newest kids on the block, they truly contain what the name stands for – clays. A hair clay for men has kaolin and bentonite in its formulation which expands on adding water making it perfect for creating hairstyles that need a lot of volume. They are great for adding thickness and texture to the hair without weighing it down or making it greasy.

Offering a stronger hold, clays tend to offer natural matte finish to the hair. Put it simply, once you’ve set your hair with a clay, there’s no looking back. They are slightly harder in texture as compared to gels and waxes, so the product needs considerable warming up (by rubbing in your palms) before application to ensure that it spreads evenly.

Best Hairstyles: Quiffs, Faux Hawks

The Final Word

While you land on the hair product best suited for your hair, there are a couple of things to note. Always stick to the usage directions and refrain from overusing the product to avoid residue build-up in your scalp which can lead to hair problems. Also while buying a hair product, make sure it is free of sulphates – which can strip your hair of its natural oils, parabens – which can irritate your scalp and lead to hair loss, and synthetic polymers – which can turn the hair brittle on prolonged usage. With this settled, let’s get the hair falling flat across your face out of the way!

Phy recommends the Headspace range of hairstyling products for you to choose the right style and care for your hair. 

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