#FiveTipsFromPhy to get your work-from-home mode on!

In this global WFH season, we bet you’re struggling to keep that motivation & productivity up - just like the rest of us! Here are some tips on keeping that work game strong.

Tip #1: Have a dedicated workstation!
It’ll make ALL the difference, trust us. Your bed is the worst place to work from - what with the easy transition from working to napping! Choose a desk space with good lighting, enough plug points and easy access to the kitchen :D

Tip #2: Wake up. Shower. Laptop. In that order. Ahem. We’re all guilty of this one. The shower step is not skippable, men! It’ll get you fresh, focused, and most importantly, clean. Surprise video meetings won’t scare you either!

Tip #3: What you wear = your state of mind!PJs are for the weekend, folks. Wear an easy-breezy shirt & a comfy cotton trouser during work-hours to get you in the right working frame of mind.

Tip #4: Stand up, stretch, refresh
Every hour - make sure you stand up, walk around, stretch. This is something you should do even when you’re in the office, TBH. Every time you’re feeling drowsy - splash some water, wash your face, and of course, wash those hands!

Tip #5: Take a weekly 'masking' break!
Or you can make that twice a week, no problem. Born multi-tasker that you are, use this time to achieve those work goals AND those skin goals. 

Need any help? Ask us! We know it’s tough. But hang in there. We’re all in it together.
Stay home, stay safe!

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