Men! Mind these 4 moisturizer mistakes

As men, a moisturizer is not something we're naturally comfortable about. Seeing our better halves alternate between 6 different creams gives us a major complex. But worry not. Keeping our skin moisturized, without looking all caked up, is real easy - and a real must.

Avoid these 4 mistakes while picking your daily moisturizer and say hello to happy skin ever after!

Mistake 1: A cream is a cream is a cream

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Pick your cream or moisturizer basis your need, and not because someone else likes it. 
Example 1: If you have oily skin, especially, then choose your moisturizer very wisely, to avoid breakouts. Example 2: If you are out in the sun a lot, then pick a moisturizer with at least SPF 30. 

Mistake 2: My skin gets too oily. I don't want a moisturizer.

Partly true, but your skin does go dry at places (e.g., around the eyes and lips). And at times (e.g., in an airconditioned room or office). Skipping a moisturizer will lead to dry skin, which leads to over-secretion of sebum (oil), making your condition worse. The key is balance - pick a moisturizer that works well on oily skin without making it too greasy.

Mistake 3: One cream is all I need

We have the cosmetics industry to blame for this. One cream is shown as the panacea for everything from looking "fairer" to having a chiseled face (genetics, lighting and camera angles are most effective here). At the very least, you need a good face wash, a good sunscreen, and a good moisturizer. Moving up, a face scrub and face mask are easy and pleasurable additions to your care regime. Go get these.

Mistake 4: Not looking at the ingredients

Invest some time to go through the ingredient lists and understand what's included and what's not. Because both are important. Make sure ingredients like vitamins and natural extracts are high up on the list, and items like parabens and phthalates aren't there.

Bonus (mistake to avoid):

Don't fall for the "sulphate-free" bogey. Moisturizers almost never contain (and never needed) sulphates, and anyone who's claiming this is simply padding up bullet points on their marketing material :P


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