5 essential hacks for the travelling man

Corporate traveller, weekend camper, luxury layovers, family furloughs – no matter what kind of traveller you are, your grooming regime always suffers on the road! Here’s some super tips & tricks on how to groom on-the-go.

Problem #1 - Airport security not letting that shampoo bottle through?
The Solution: Invest in travel sized basics - face wash, body wash, shampoo! Trust us, you’ll be so much happier when you’re not lugging those 500 ml bottles all around Europe. Pack light >> fly free >> start that trip oh-so-smooth.

Problem #2 - Day 2 & already looking dull & sunburnt?
The Solution: Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Always. We just can’t say this enough. AND, to make it more effective, we’ve got a couple more tips for you:

Tip #1 - Apply 15 mins before stepping out
Tip #2 - Re-apply every 3 hours!

"After" Solution: Use a post-sun detox & de-tan scrub for instant brightness!

Problem #3 - Body odour making people run?
The Solution: Deo first, perfume next! Many people think it’s either a deodorant, or a perfume – but it’s not. Each plays a different role. A deodorant keeps the bad odour out & the perfume brings that classy fragrance in.

Problem #4 - Unwashed clothes got your bag smelling rank?
The Solution: This one’s a hack in the true sense of the word. Pick a soap you like, pop it in a porous bag and tuck that away inside your suitcase. Voila! Fresh smelling bag & clothes all trip long.

Problem #5 - Forgot to pack your shaving foam?
The Solution:
Planning to use hotel soap? That’s a NO - it'll only make your skin burn. Try hair conditioner / olive oil instead. No dryness or razor burn – you’d be amazed.

There you go. You’re a pro traveller now. Jet, set, groom, go!

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