5 tips for a smoother, pain-free shave

Clean-shaven, flowy beard, light stubble, stylish goatee - men's beards (or lack of them) can come in many shapes & sizes - but the one thing they all have in common is that ever painful shave!  

A bad shave day looks like this: many precious minutes lost shaving, a deep cut that refuses to stop gushing, and the hair that the razor didn't find (but is SO CLEAR in the mirror once you've put your shirt on). Practise these 5 simple tricks and your shaving nightmares will be sorted. Mostly :)

1. Wet. Wet. Wet.
Always wet your face first before doing ANYTHING like applying foam or running a blade. The wetter the hair, the easier it is to shave. 
Pro tip: Wash your face with a gentle face wash BEFORE the shave, so the water has had a chance to wet the tiniest corners of your face.

2. Gel vs. cream vs. foam
Most of us prefer pump-out foams because we're too lazy to wield the shaving brush. But a pre-foamed mass is no match to the fresh foam formed when your brush gets working on your wet beard. And a shaving gel is waaayy better at lubricating than a shaving cream. 
Pro tip: Use trial & error to mix the right quantity of water with your gel or cream. Every formula needs a different proportion of water and gel/cream. Too little water: no foam. Too much water: short-lived foam.

3. Stretch, man.
Only after you've done (1) and (2) should you THINK about running that blade on your skin. And one more step before that. Make sure you've pulled your skin as taut (tight) as possible before you run the razor. Simply because stretched skin makes it easier for the blade to find the hair. Twist and turn, but stretch it. It's worth it.

4. Go with the grain!
Going with the direction of hair growth (i.e. going with the grain) produces the most comfortable shave. So if you want trouble-free shaving, just take it easy and go with the grain. Every part of the face has a different direction. Feel it, and do it.
Pro tip: This one is controversial. Shaving against the grain produces a REALLY close shave. But is a risky move, and can lead to ingrown hair and irritation. Do it under professional supervision, if you have to :)

5. After-shave ain't just lotion.
Remember, it's your skin that feels the brunt of shaving, not the hair. So you need to care for your SKIN after shaving. Make sure to use a good after-shave spray to soothe your skin. 
Pro tip: Once a week scrubbing smoothens out skin, and helps new skin grow. This makes subsequent shaving experiences easier and smoother!

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