Dandruff? 4 simple facts to know & work on

We all dread it, but we all get it. At some point or the other in our lives, those dreaded white flakes make their appearance, and with that our self-esteem looks like it's flaking away, too. Managing dandruff is easy if we know the root causes and some basic facts about preventing it. Read on!

Fact #1: Dandruff is simply your skin cells flaking off
That's right. We all shed skin (and scalp cells) all the time. More than 30,000 PER MINUTE! Dandruff is caused when the rate of skin being shed increases way beyond this - and it starts to show as flakes.

Solution: Keeping your scalp washed and clean with a mild shampoo is absolutely important in dandruff management.

Fact #2: Microbes cause dandruff
It's not that your skin has suddenly started flaking off on overdrive. Naturally occurring yeast (called Malassezia) cause excess production of skin cells, that start flaking off. And that's dandruff.

Solution: Use an anti-dandruff shampoo with gentle but proven anti-dandruff, anti-microbial actives. Tea tree & Rosemary are good natural options, while Climbazole & Piroctone Olamine are good synthetic options.

Fact #3: Oily scalp causes dandruff
It's thought that dry scalp flakes off as dandruff. While that could be true at times (e.g. very cold weather), mostly it is oily scalp that feeds the microbes (found in Fact #2 above), that in turn play up the dandruff you see.

Solution: Wash hair often with a gentle shampoo to avoid excess oiliness. Balance out the hydration on scalp with a good scalp conditioner or serum.

Fact #4: What you eat matters too!
This one might surprise you, but some foods have been shown to be beneficial in helping control dandruff. Vitamin B, and micro-nutrients like zinc and boron, are examples.

Solution: Eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies, and substituting lean meat for red meat will help control the microbial ecosystem on your scalp.

Remember, getting rid of dandruff is not a one-time activity. You have to do the right things to keep things cool on top of your head, and inside it, too!

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