A Beard Roller to Get Things Rolling & Beards Flowing!

You’ve probably heard this too often. If you want to beard, you must beard right.

However, while quite a few guys dream of growing a rich, dense beard, not everyone eventually wins at the game of bearding given the protagonist’s role that genes and hormones often play in the process. If you’re blessed with the right genes and your hormones are at an all-time high, there’s no stopping your beard. However, fret not if your genes haven’t been siding with you because we got the perfect wingman for your beard, the one’s who’s gonna turn the tables in your (beard’s) favour.

Friends, meet the Beard Roller – a beard growth-enhancing tool that tons of guys out there have been swearing by and all for the right reasons.

Whether you need to get a beard roller to get your beard growing faster, or this is the tool that will come in handy to get thin and patchy beards blooming is what we’ll address in this blog post. Along with that, the What, Why, and How of a Beard Roller.

What is a Beard Roller?

The name’s pretty self-explanatory, we agree. A beard roller is basically a derma roller for beard growth that uses the technique of micro-needling to activate dormant beard follicles, get blood, keratin, and collagen following to set you on your journey to a growing beard.  

How does a beard roller work?

  • The micro-needles in the roller prick your skin to get collagen and keratin flowing beneath the skin
  • The surface-level action of getting lightly pricked tricks your brain into thinking that there’s been an injury in that area
  • This leads to an increase in blood flow in that area, thus activating all the follicles which were lazing around so far to get them into action and get your beard growing

Like we said, the beard roller’s gonna get things rolling, and your beard growing.

How to use a beard roller?

Given the magic that it can unleash, this wand (read beard roller) is not your regular beard care tool, but comes with a few dos and don’ts to stick to

  • It is recommended to use the beard roller twice a week on dry hair. You’ve got to let your skin rest in between before you can get rolling again
  • Roll the beard roller in the direction of hair strands over the area you want to encourage beard growth
  • Roll in each direction 10 times, left and right, up and down across your beard
  • Apply gentle pressure while using the beard roller, just enough to feel a slight prick or tingle
  • You need to be gentle with the micro-needles; stop immediately if you have accidentally punctured your skin and it starts bleeding
  • While changing sides on your cheek, lift the beard roller instead of just changing its direction in a constant motion
  • Do not tug on your beard hair while using the beard roller
  • Do not share the beard roller with anyone else just like your toothbrush

Your skin may develop a reddish tinge right after you’re done using the roller. This is due to the microneedles increasing the flow of blood to that area and is completely normal. Your skin should be back to its form in about 10 minutes.

Caring for your beard roller

Care works both ways. You need to care for your beard roller the right way and this means cleaning it after every use. The micro-needles puncture and go beneath the skin’s superficial layer, and if not cleaned properly, it may lead to infections.

Sanitize the beard roller after every use. Dip it in alcohol, disinfect it and store it in its box or pack. Discard your roller if the needles get bent / damaged in any way.

Why the Phy Beard Roller

The Phy Beard Roller comes with 540 chromium needles of 0.5 mm length that create thousands of microscopic channels during micro-needling activating dormant beard follicles. It not only boosts your beard growth but also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scar tissues, acne, and blemishes on the skin.

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