All the Dope on Face Serums

Ah, face serums. They’ve probably been popping up your IG feed, they’re most likely in your partner’s skincare stash, and (sometimes) they’re on your face too!

Let’s admit it, face serums are almost everywhere now. With all the skincare gurus and experts raving about the Vitamin Cs and Niacinamide-enriched serums, we know you need someone to answer the more...fundamental questions about serums.

Worry not! We’re here to help. Here’s your one-stop guide for everything FACE SERUMS!

First things first.

What is a face serum? 

If you’ve ever gone around a store looking for some moisturizer, or some sunscreen, chances are you’ve also been hit by a wave of alien-sounding products, one of those being face serums.

Think of a face serum as a more absorptive, lightweight form of a moisturizer. They contain a higher concentration of active ingredients (your Hyaluronic acids, etc of the world) and work towards specific skin concerns.

What are active ingredients, though?

Well, active ingredients are essentially the best part of the problem-solving properties of ingredients found in nature. For example, Niacinamide is nothing but a component of Vitamin B3, that helps with protecting the skin from environmental damage.

Is a face serum different from a moisturizer?

Yes, yes and yes!

Moisturizers are usually cream or oil-based products that are skin protection & nourishment superheroes! That’s also why a moisturizer is the last product that’s applied in a skincare routine, to lock in the skin’s barrier! Serums, on the other hand, are more lightweight. This makes their texture more watery, so that a gentle massage gets them absorbed into the skin at a quicker rate.

I’m a guy. Are serums for me?

Let’s put it this way: If your skin needs some nourishment and love, serums are for you. Since they’re rich in vitamins, essential oils, and more goodness, serums are ideal for guys’ skin for the glow and nourishment they provide. Apart from being literal food for your skin’s cells (to help with cell regeneration and the likes, you know), serums have a lot of benefits:

  • They’re anti-ageing super-products
  • They smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
  • They provide much-needed nutrition to your skin
  • They make sure people tell you how hydrated your skin is looking
  • They create a barrier on the skin to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out

Does Phy make serums, then?

Serums don’t discriminate, and neither do we! Meet the Vitamin C Face Serum, one of our ‘Phy Guy Favourites’!

It doesn’t just do all of the things we’ve spoken about above, but also BRIGHTENS your skin in the process. Enriched with Vitamin C, this face serum will go a long way in fading out the dark spots on your skin while adding the required nourishment to enhance your skin’s texture.

Oh, great! How do I use it?

Let’s sort you out:

  • First, cleanse your face and pat dry
  • Pat 2-4 drops of this Vitamin C serum onto your face & gently rub in circular motion
  • Let it sit for a few minutes and watch it get absorbed into your skin effortlessly
  • For best results, use this serum before going to bed

Love it already? Find our Vitamin C Face Serum here.

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