Promoting sound mental health and wellbeing at the workplace

As the world around us is gradually opening the floor to discussions around mental health, it is imperative for workplaces as well to break the stigma. With a lot of us spending a major chunk of our lives working, it becomes more important than ever to experience and promote good mental health and overall wellbeing.

Mental health isn‚Äôt always essentially about mental illness ‚Äď read depression, stress or perpetual anxiety. It‚Äôs also about a state of wellbeing, being our authentic selves, building a healthy community and a productive work culture.¬† And while empathy, understanding and acceptance is key, there are¬†ways to promote mental wellbeing¬†at¬†the¬†workplace¬†as well.

Work-life balance

Employees often tend to burn out when their work-life balance gets disrupted. Encouraging people to have a fulfilling life beyond work schedules, indulge in self-care, pursue hobbies, or spend time with near ones often goes a long way to promote overall wellbeing.


Recognizing & rewarding performance goes a long way in making an employee feel valued. Implementing recognition programmes are a good start in uplifting someone who’s been consistently performing.


A clear channel of communication is essential in promoting mental well-being at workplaces. Motivate people to speak up about their problems and raise issues they may be facing while working.

Healthy work culture

Having a healthy work culture inspires people to come in to work and give their best day after day. Organizational values, collaborating teams & a positive work environment (in office or virtually) contribute to the growth of a culture that enhances overall productivity, leading to better performance, and of course good mental health and wellbeing.

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