Inner Peace while Working from Home. Possible?

While the great teacher - Master Shifu might have had some difficulty attaining Inner Peace, it needn’t be the same for all of us caught in the modern day reality of WFH.  Though the joys of working from home are unbridled, especially for those who’ve had to endure tiring hours of commute every single day. In comparison, the whole wake up-get breakfast-work in your pyjamas all day seems fairly rosy. However, working from home has its downsides - think boxed up in a corner all day, missing out on all the water cooler conversations, blurred personal and professional life boundaries, the distracting household chores; to name a few. 

And while there’s not much you can do about the situation as long as there’s a raging pandemic outside, you can work on how to make your makeshift home workspace work for you.

Find your Sheldon’s spot

Identify a corner of your house you really like to sit and work in. A space that’s away from distractions or noise, in general, helps you concentrate, improves productivity, and also lets you attend that work call in solace.

Well Neatly begun, is more than half done

A messy desk is never a good option. While files, stationery, power cables, and an occasional coffee mug can clutter your workspace, take some time out every morning before you start working or every evening once you’re done for the day to clean your desk. With the ability to focus in these times of superconnected lives being recognized as a superpower, starting with a clutter-free workspace truly exemplifies ‘well begun is half done’ in these times.

Nature, you beauty!

While not everyone will have the luxury of working from the mountains or the beach (as Instagram would have you believe), we can do our little bits to be close to nature. Place your desk close to a source of natural light, preferably a window. An occasional burst of fresh air can also help lift your spirits in the middle of a busy workday. And with a dash of green here & there - a couple of potted plants in the room; your home office will come alive as a space you’d look forward to spending time in.

A little snacking hurt no one

Among the many advantages of WFH is easy access to a well-stocked refrigerator. While there will always be that temptation to reach for that pack of Ice Cream or other carb-loaded delicacies, it might be worthwhile to keep healthier snack options like fruits, some nuts and seeds close by. Thereby, not only relieving sudden hunger pangs but also improving your state of mind with that burst of energy when you need it the most.

Looks always matter!

It’s true. What you wear & how you look is how you feel. Get out of those pyjamas, change into fresh clothes, take a shower before you sit to work, style your hair; in short, make yourself feel good and all pumped up for the day ahead.

Bring out your creative selves

Get a comfortable office chair, put up inspirational posters or quotes that you like, set up some music, or get a quirky coffee mug for your daytime dose of caffeine. This work setup is here to stay for a while and you might as well make the most of the space you’re working out of.

The key to successfully working from home is to break the monotony and keep yourself motivated without feeling burnt out. Your workspace does not need to be lifeless. Infuse a bit of personality and cheer to make your home office the space where you can also switch your zen mode on amidst the battle of frenzied emails and never-ending work calls. If only Master Shifu knew all this!

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