Little Things of Sustainable Living

You ordered something online, it arrives and you rush to open the package. Only to find a tiny object hidden beneath layers and layers of unnecessary bubble wrap, cardboard and plastic that’s only going to end up in trash. Or you ordered some food and it comes in a separate packaging for every item. And maybe it then hits you - the unparalleled convenience you’ve got used to is perhaps wreaking havoc somewhere else. The mountain of trash that you’re leaving in your wake will probably continue to exist long after you’re gone.

And while we know - ditching this modern lifestyle and heading up to the Himalayas to live in austerity is not possible for most of us, we can surely take the tiniest of steps to make sure Earth doesn’t hate us. Small, little changes that will go a long way in making sustainable living part of our lifestyle and not some distant, higher order goals aspired for by world leaders or beauty pageant contestants.

Be your own superhero

Like it or not, masks are here to stay for a while. Disposing off your mask after every use isn’t going to make you a superhero, switching to washable cloth masks just might. Bet Spiderman does it too!

Uncheck the right boxes

You know that tiny box that almost goes unnoticed while you’re ordering-in food – the one that asks you if you need plastic cutlery? Uncheck that unless you’re on the go. You really don’t need that kind of plastic (read negativity) in your life!

Plastic straws are a no-go!

If you have to draw a straw, why not go for a metal one! Plastic straws are so passe with all the conversation around their non-biodegradability and those terrifying images of straws ending up inside marine creatures. Bamboo or good ol’ paper straws also do a great job in saving the planet as well as your drinks.

Unleash your inner Picasso

You might have plastic containers from takeaways lying around. Using them as feeding bowls for neighbourhood strays or to plant succulents may be a good way to repurpose them. Even beer bottles can double up as interesting planters or even table lamps once you’re through with their original contents.

Organize with Amazon

Need a pin-board for your home office? Save the cardboard from an Amazon package instead of throwing it out, and your memos and notes won’t go missing anymore.

The future is paperless

Electronic billing is the answer. This way not only are you also able to save a lot of paper but also don’t lose your mind over that forgotten copy of a bill that got washed inside your jeans.

Have your cake & eat it too

Brands are also becoming smart in taking up their sustainability responsibilities seriously as well. Just like we try doing at Phy with our #Return2Good initiative that encourages consumers to return their used Phy empties for proper recycling in return for store credits. 

Sustainable living has never been hard. An open mind and eyes and you’re all set to make a whole lot of difference with the tiniest contributions. 

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