Why your girlfriend's moisturizer may not work for you

Casually swiped the girlfriend's moisturizer? And found it too sticky? And her face wash not giving you a "squeaky clean" feeling? It's not about her products. It's about her skin. And how yours is different from hers. Read on and understand *your skin*, so you can care for it *your way*.
Here are 5 ways men's skin is different from women's. 

Yo thick-skinned!
Fact: Men's skin is about 25% thicker than women's. And remains relatively thick as you age. Hers will start thinning significantly as she grows older.
Which means: Products for men's skin (moisturizers, creams, serums) have to be designed to get through the additional layers! 
Oil slick
Fact: And bad news. Your skin is significantly oilier than a woman's, all other things being equal.
Which means: If you have oily skin (on top of being a man), your face wash has to be a (gentle) superpower. And your moisturizer should be feather-light. Broadly speaking.

Roughing it out
Fact: And this shouldn't surprise anyone. Your skin has a rougher texture than hers.
Which means: Your moisturizer, or serum, or beard oil for that matter, has to have a texture that is able to do the job even on a rough surface

That painful thing called shaving
Fact: You shave. You have to. Almost daily. She doesn't.
Which means: Your facial skin around the beard area is almost always freshly exfoliated and exposed. And therefore hyper-sensitive. So you have to be careful about what you put on it.

The outdoor guy
Fact: And we say this with a caveat. Men *generally tend to* spend more time outdoors (and in the sun) than women, anecdotally speaking. Which means you tend to age and develop wrinkles & age spots faster.
Which means: Wear SPF. Simple. Your skin will thank you for it.
Makes sense now? So stop "borrowing", and make your skin care choices yourself!

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