Why should you switch to sulphate-free body washes?

So you’ve probably been hearing about sulphates for a while now and brands prompting you to switch to sulphate-free formulations. Sulphates, in case you’re not aware, are used as effective cleansing agents in various products like body washes, shampoos and more.

They are great in creating a rich rather and cleansing the skin, yes! However, more than often sulphates in your body wash end up doing more harm and less good. How? Read on to know.

Why sulphate-free body washes?

To retain the natural oils

Your body wash should be an effective but gentle cleanser. A sulphate-free formulation only cleanses the dirt and excess oil, while helping you retain the natural oils that are required to keep your skin hydrated.

Maintain pH balance

Products with sulphate formulations are often known to cause breakouts among those with sensitive skin. When you switch to sulphate-free, your body wash maintains the pH balance of your skin which acts as a protective shield against breakouts.


Sulphate-free essentially means losing the bad chemicals in your body wash. As a result, after every shower, your skin doesn’t feel itchy or dry and the moisture is not stripped off.

Good for the planet

All those lather suds that go down your shower drain are eventually disposed into the bigger water bodies. This not only causes a great deal of water pollution but also poses a threat to underwater marine life. A sulphate-free body wash not only takes care of your skin but also the environment.

Go sulphate-free with Phy

The Phy Life- Daily Cleanse Duo

Phy body washes have a sulphate-free formulation. A dermat-tested, 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand, we consciously steer clear of anything that is harmful for you or the environment.  

If you haven’t switched to sulphate-free yet, here’s a good reason to do so. If you’re already part of the sulphate-free bandwagon, keep living #TheGoodLife with #ThePhyLife!

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