Rub a dub SCRUB

In skin care, there is nothing as satisfying as a good scrub. Why, you ask?

Think of your skin as a collection of millions of micro basketball hoops.
Now imagine deflated basketballs are stuck in them all. Those are your pores.
They get clogged with dead skin cells and exfoliating removes them to allow your fresh skin cells underneath to breathe and you look fresher, brighter and healthier. Repeat after me: I, *Insert Name* henceforth pledge to scrub.

At phy, we believe in the need to simpli-phy. All your skincare, bodycare, haircare, beardcare questions answered. One question at a time. Want us to write about something? Let us know at and we'll do our best to fit it in.

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lillywilliam338 December 24, 2019

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