Beginners Guide to Acing Home Workouts

Gyms are closed and you’ve been home for a while. Starting to work out at home is a good way to get fitter, increase your energy and boost your confidence. Basic beginner workouts do not need fancy equipment or setting aside a large hour outside of your day’s tasks.

With a guide to start and some motivation to begin with, it's quite easy for beginners to ace workout sessions at home. Read how.  


The Phy Life- Skipping

We bet that’s an easy one. Start with slower sessions of jumping when the skipping rope touches the ground. You can slowly move to faster jumps. Skipping is known to be a very effective form of cardio, so we say hold tight to that rope.


The Phy Life- Lunges

Lunges help in toning your thigh and glute muscles. Set up a chair or support or do your lunges against a wall. Once you get into the flow, you should be able to do 10-15 lunges without support at a go.


The Phy Life- Squats

Squats are not difficult once you get into a regular schedule. The muscles in your lower body are worked on when you perform squats, which shape your thighs. Make sure you place your feet at hip distance when you start.


The Phy Life- Planking

Straighten your back when you start planking and rest on your forearms not hands. This way you make sure your spine is straight to prevent any injury, and start working on those dream abs.


The Phy Life- Stretching

This is very effective to get rid of the muscle cramps that come from hours of sitting at the desk and increase your overall flexibility. All you have to do is sit on a clean space, preferably on a yoga mat and start stretching your muscles.

Easy, aren’t these? Now clear up some space in the living room and set aside some time in your daily schedule just for yourself. Do not give up if it feels hard initially; it’s only a matter of time till you ace it.  

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