5 lifestyle fixes you can make to combat hair loss

While it’s completely normal to lose 50 - 100 strands on a daily basis, some men, however, tend to lose hair much faster and early on in life. And while some are actually at ease in pulling off the cool, bare bald look; there are those who prefer having a long & healthy mane. Nevertheless, there are several factors that contribute to hair loss including genetics, pollution, wearing head gear etc; some of them are lifestyle-related where timely product interventions or a change in habits can stem or even reverse the loss.

Hair loss often acts as a wake-up call asking you to take a closer look at your grooming regimen. Here are 5 grooming and lifestyle mistakes men tend to make, which cause most instances of early hair loss. 

Avoid hot water showers

The Phy Life- Avoid hot water showers

While hot water helps cleanse your scalp more effectively, in the longer run hot water showers can also do more harm than good. It often makes your hair brittle and prone to breakage while also causing damage to your scalp. Start by washing your hair with lukewarm water instead and finish off with a cold water rinse.

Aggressive brushing is a no-no

The Phy Life- Aggressive brushing is a no-no

Aggressive brushing or combing your hair too often leads to a lot of tugging and pulling on the hair strands, causing them to fall out. Try to comb lightly only when required. Also, refrain from combing wet hair since your hair is at its weakest then and can fall out easily.

Don’t use multiple styling products

The Phy Life- Don’t use multiple styling products

The new hair wax that’s been launched? Suppress that urge of trying it out right away. If you’re already using hair styling products, it’s likely that your hair is well-adjusted to it. Switching multiple times and switching frequently is not recommended. If you must, make a really slow & gradual transition from your current brand to the new one.

Switch to synthetic polymer-free Headspace hairstyling products to maintain an uninterrupted balance between style and care. 

Stay away from too much sun

The Phy Life- Stay away from too much sun

This one might come off as a surprise, but studies have shown that direct sunlight can cause considerable damage to your hair, even if not direct hair loss. The harmful UV rays of the sun often make your scalp dry by taking away the protective layer of natural oils. This leads to frequent breakage eventually causing hair fall. Try limiting your time outdoors under direct sunlight, or make sure you have protective headgear on like a cap or hat.

Pay attention to your diet

The Phy Life- Pay attention to your diet

Your hair is a reflection of what you eat. Like every other aspect of your body, the health of your hair is impacted by your diet. Lack of vitamins, proteins, and an iron deficiency can cause your hair to fall out. Include foods that are rich in fatty acids, multivitamins, and consume fresh fruits. A balanced diet can prevent early and unnatural hair loss.

While hair loss among men can be attributed to genetic factors and aging in general, there are habits and lifestyle changes that can be made to combat early and unnatural hair loss. What’s important is to identify it at the right time and try to fix it.

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