Winter-Care Must Haves For Great Skin, Beards And Hair

As we transition into winter and recover from our festive exploits (we know you’ve had enough mithai to last the next year), we’re here to dish out on all the winter care must-haves you need to stock up on this season to not just repair and protect your skin ‘n hair, but also make sure they thrive!

First things first.

Winters mean dry...EVERYTHING.

Even for you oily-skin folks who are thankful for a non-sweaty season, dropping temperatures and decreasing humidity calls for some extra care for your skin. If you’ve got oily skin and are wary of using moisturizing products, try a light moisturizer instead of creams to ensure that your skin stays hydrated, minus the grease. (Our Green Tea Superlight Moisturizer sounds perfect for you) As for the dry skin gang, this is your time to really pay attention to your skin. Don’t shy away from using products that hydrate your skin for the long run. While petroleum jellies and oils are one way to go, we recommend our superhero product, the Aloe Gel Hydrator.

Sun’s out, sunscreen’s in!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again- sunscreen is so so important for your winter skin! The winter sun, while not harsh, still reflects UV rays that can harm your skin and lead to ageing, wrinkles, pigmentation, and more. Products like the Daily Skin Defense Sunscreen are perfect to apply just before you kick start the day.

Clean skin-1, dry skin-0

While keeping your hands clean and sanitized is the need of the hour, make sure to use gentle soaps that clean but don’t dry out your hands. When you’re enjoying a hot shower on a cold winter morning, pick a body wash that nourishes your skin and moisturizes it in the process. Try our Nordic Sunshine Revitalizing Body Wash that’s perfect for that warm glow!

Layering is not just for clothing anymore!

Love layering on your favourite clothing in the winter? Well, while you look for the perfect jacket to go with your favourite Nikes, invest in a mix of moisturizers that work for you through the day! We recommend a light moisturizer for daily use that doesn’t weigh down on your skin. End the day with a night gel or a cream and let it work on your skin overnight. (Try our Green Tea Superlight moisturizer for the day, and our Aloe Gel Hydrator for night)

Beards need care, too

Sure, winter is all about skincare, but let’s not forget our beards! The dry weather can make your beard look frizzy and rough, making beard creams your best friend. All you need to do is massage some beard cream into the length of your beard, and you’re good to go! Our Shea Butter Beard Creme should do the trick!

Let your hair take the spotlight

This winter, don’t leave your hair dry and frizzy, hidden under your hoodie or cap! Let your mane shine with the right kind of hair products. Make sure your hair products have nourishing and moisturizing properties along with some cleansing goodness. Try our Apple Cider Vinegar Haircare Duo and our Tea Tree Dandruff Control Shampoo to make winter your best hair season!

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