The art of simpli-phy

He entered the revered personal care aisle of his seemingly friendly neighbourhood supermarket.
The mission? To buy a facewash. His senses felt immediately assaulted.
Bright white lights, rows upon rows of products, brands and their promoters screaming out “buy me! buy me!”.
Promises of overnight fitness and transformations rang in his ears.
He felt the aisle closing in on him.

What should he pick? Sound familiar? Need someone to help navigate?

That’s us. PHY. Let’s simpli-phy. It’s all good.

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At phy, we believe in the need to simpli-phy. All your skincare, bodycare, haircare, beardcare questions answered. One question at a time. Want us to write about something? Let us know at and we'll do our best to fit it in.

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