Guess who’s (not) back - With a Back Scrub, Bacne’s never coming back!

Your back.

Out of sight, yes. Out of mind? Perhaps…until you feel those tiny bumps on your back and think get off my bac(ne)! Hate it as much as you want, but you can’t ignore it!

Bacne, or back acne is a result of bacteria and dead skin accuvia - Did you know that your back has tougher skin than the rest of your body? Which is why it’s going to take more than just hastily running soapy water with the hope of cleaning it properly. Which is why you need a back scrub.

Enter Back Scrub

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A back scrub does EXACTLY what it says – scrubs your back to remove dry dead cells, sweat, dirt, bacteria, and everything icky. It helps lather up your body wash and reach the difficult areas of your back. While at it, it also exfoliates and improves blood circulation.

How does a back scrub help with that tad bit of extra care?

Your back, the most neglected area of your body is often in dire need of TLC. With a back scrub, you can massage your back, cleanse the hardest-to-reach areas and exfoliate it. To break it down further, here’s what that extra bit of care in the form of exfoliation can get your back to shine bright like a diamond.

Prevent bacne

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Regular exfoliation prevents bacteria, sweat, and dirt from getting accumulated on your back. A back scrub improves the health of your skin and unclogs your pores. Result? Bye-bye bacne

Fresh skin

Your skin naturally sheds every 30 days approximately, and dead skin can often accumulate on your back in layers. After an exfoliating session, your skin feels smooth and fresh.

Make way for hydration

Imagine applying moisturiser on clogged pores. Makes you cringe, doesn’t it? When you scrub your back, your pores open to absorb moisturizer, as a result of which your skin feels more hydrated.

Guide to buying a back scrub

Fan of tough love? You may be one but your back’s not! While buying a back scrub for men, make sure you go for something that’s gentle on your skin, a scrub made of ramie, or any other vegetable-fibre loofah. Ditch the plastic ones that can be super harsh on your skin, not to forget how they’re not eco-friendly at all.

Also, buy a back scrub that’s longer – be it in the form of grips on the side or a long handle, that helps you to reach areas of your back that you otherwise wouldn’t, especially if you’re broad-backed.

FAQs - Back Scrub

-          How often should you scrub your back?

You can exfoliate your back 1-2 times a week. Don’t overdo it!

-          How to use a back scrub?

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Use a back scrub in the shower when your skin is wet. Make sure you also wet the back scrub before using it on your skin. Pour some body wash, lather it up, and then slowly massage the scrub on your back in left to right motions.

-          How to store the back scrub?

Make sure you dry the back scrub in sunlight, and not leave it dripping wet in the shower. A damp back scrub is not just gross, but also can be home to moulds and bacteria.

Why the Phy Back Scrub

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Made of ramie, a vegetable fibre, the Phy Back Scrub is super gentle on the skin and has two easy cloth handles on the side for better grip during exfoliation. It is also 100% vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Win-win, isn’t it?


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