Here's what keeps #TeamPhy going!

With changing time & tides, one thing that’s still certain? We've got to keep ourselves going. Hear what #TeamPhy is doing to stay positive from the OG #PhyGuy - Shankar Prasad, owner & founder, Phy

“The darkest hour has only 60 minutes” - Morris Mandel.

To many, it seems like every day of the lock-down, peppered by grim forecasts, state-wise tallies and boring WhatsApp forwards, is a state of house arrest. To millions of others, every day is a battle for sheer survival with even greater uncertainty ahead. To those on the front line, every hour is simply a grueling 60 minutes.

Amidst all of this, and with work at a standstill, what is keeping the Phy team going? How we stay motivated, and build our optimism for the future boils down to 3 simple things:

Food, shelter, security, electricity, clean water, internet.... Things we take for granted. Acknowledging, and being grateful, that we are among an immensely fortunate lot is the best way to not feel down during this time. Together as a team, there is a deep understanding of this.

We may have paused sales operations for a while. But that hasn’t stopped The Phy Fam from sharing messages of support, awesome product reviews, mails of admiration and demands for new products. We can’t wait to get back to work and start doing what we love!

From sharing fun videos of dogs & cats, to (some good and some terribly bad) puns from the punsters in the group - our group is insanely connected 24x7 and more importantly, laughing together. Pretty much the way we do in office. It’s a nice & natural way for us to remember that we will see the other side of this very soon.

What’s on your mind? What’s keeping you going through these dark days? Do you feel optimistic about the future? Got anything to share that will put a smile on our faces? Go ahead. Let’s talk!

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